Founda Health partners with Egress Group to bring its innovative standards-based integration platform to the UK

August 01, 2023

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We’re proud to announce our official partnership with Egress Group to bring a new standards-based integration platform to the UK. Having supported some of the largest NHS data projects to date, Egress understands how the simplification and reusability aspects of the Founda Health Platform will bring significant benefits to trusts, and other healthcare providers, ultimately benefiting patients. Egress will offer the Founda Health platform as part of a service based on their experience of complex, multi-system NHS integration projects. 

Egress Group, a trusted data partner to healthcare focused in the UK, is renowned for its expertise in end-to-end data management. Their comprehensive services encompass strategic reviews & readiness assessments, data migration, interoperability, and integration. With a proven approach, Egress effectively manages data challenges and consistently delivers successful outcomes. Our partnership with Egress is a crucial step in improving digital maturity for the NHS Trusts and healthcare providers they work with. Leveraging Egress's 20+ years of expertise in development, functional documentation, and strategic design, we aim to unlock powerful possibilities.

Bi-directional integrations between the myriad of healthcare systems and digital solutions available can be notoriously complex, time-consuming, and difficult to achieve. The Founda Health Platform addresses these challenges by integrating with the numerous EPR and clinical systems in use across Integrated Care Systems (including proprietary APIs, databases, connectors, FHIR servers, and HL7v2 feeds) and transforming and exposing the data in compliance with FHIR, IHE and other recognised standards. The platform is cloud-native providing scalability and flexibility in handling large volumes of data from various sources, and supports the seamless exchange of patient demographics, clinical information, documents, referral management and appointment scheduling between systems. 

To further simplify interoperability, and reduce the challenges and resources associated with traditional methods, the platform supports a do-it-once principle, with pre-built and reusable integrations. This saves time and effort for system suppliers and for healthcare providers who can benefit quickly and securely from the capabilities available, whether that’s medical device data, patient app inputs, AI powered algorithms or Natural Language Processing information.


Andrew Meiner, Healthcare Practice Director at Egress Group, commented: “Data is the key to driving the service transformation the NHS must deliver to make better use of limited resources and improve care delivery. Data is vital to providing a complete picture of an individual’s health and wellbeing, as well as support initiatives such as virtual ward care and remote monitoring. Having that data locked within proprietary systems hampers those efforts and prevents clinicians accessing and acting upon additional sources of information, which support more effective decision making. That is why we are so pleased to be partnering with Founda Health to bring their API gateway to the UK. The platform’s ease of use and simplification of complex integrations means connecting hospital systems to innovative, specialist digital solutions will be quicker and repeatable, so care providers can realise benefits sooner. “


Jan Joost Kalff, Founder and CEO at Founda Health, commented: “We are more than thrilled to partner with Egress Group to introduce our advanced API gateway to the UK healthcare market. This collaboration will revolutionise data interoperability between healthcare systems, simplifying integration processes. All e-Health and other digital applications, such as virtual ward and remote patient monitoring solutions, can be connected to healthcare facilities via a single link on the Founda platform. This will greatly accelerate the digital transformation of the UK healthcare market. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology and Egress Group's extensive expertise in complex NHS integration projects, we are confident that this partnership will drive positive change and unlock the full potential of technology to enhance patient care in the UK.”


The Founda Health Platform is already being used by numerous care organisations in the Netherlands, whilst its ecosystem of connected solutions and partners also extends to the US, Nordics, and the UK. Several regional providers in the Netherlands have successfully harnessed Founda's technology to integrate third- party apps with their EPR systems, for example, automating the entire pre- and post-operative PROMS process. The platform's built-in notification functionality facilitates seamless expansion to additional use cases, with future plans for many of these providers focusing on integrating all e-Health and other digital applications with their EPR systems.


About Egress Group

Egress Group is a trusted, UK data partner helping healthcare providers make the best use of data to drive digital transformation and improve outcomes for all. 

The company has a long history working with large-scale data sets and multiple systems ensuring complete data confidence for our customers.  Our suite of tools and services, from strategic consulting and readiness reviews, to migration, integration and archiving is proven in multiple EPR/PAS and clinical system implementation programmes.

The Egress team offers unrivalled skills and experience, as well as a commitment to the industries we work with. This drives us to excel at what we do, providing pragmatic solutions to our customer’s most complex data challenges.


About Founda Health

Founda Health is a fast-growing Dutch technology company that provides a global digital infrastructure for medical data exchange. Founda leverages cutting-edge fintech technology to seamlessly connect digital healthcare applications to existing IT systems, overcoming challenges posed by multiple data standards and formats.

Founda's state-of-the-art API gateway transforms the way digital health solutions and healthcare provider systems interact. By empowering this collaboration, Founda improves care coordination and patient outcomes.

Join us in our mission to transform data interoperability between healthcare systems. Together, we can transform the way healthcare is delivered, unlocking the full potential of technology to enhance patient care and drive positive change in the industry.


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