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Subscription Service

Unlock a new dimension of healthcare collaboration through Founda Health's subscription service. Seamlessly connect healthcare applications and healthcare providers with real-time event notifications, ensuring instant updates on vital activities like patient admissions, discharges, and changes in contact information. Elevate efficiency, patient care, and innovation as you streamline communication and empower healthcare's future, all within the Founda Health ecosystem.

Technical Overview
Transformation Service

Experience the profound impact of Founda Health's capabilities through our exclusive Transformation Service. With this service, the burden of translating legacy healthcare data into a modern format is removed. Founda seamlessly handles the conversion from HL7v2 messages to user-friendly FHIR Bundles containing valuable FHIR resources, and vice versa. This streamlined process eliminates complexity, allowing hospitals and applications to focus on what truly matters—seamless data exchange, enhanced insights, and elevated patient care.

Technical overview
HealthAPI Service

At the heart of Founda's offerings, the HealthAPI Service provides a central access point, enabling applications to seamlessly engage with connected Healthcare providers on the Founda Health platform. Once they are authorized, applications can access the provider's data through standardized FHIR endpoints, making every integration scalable and reusable. The HealthAPI brings the intricacies, variability, and different interpretations of standards of the provider’s clinical systems into uniformity for applications and digital health solutions. Simplifying integrations with a do-it-once principle.

Technical Overview
Identity and Access Management Service

The Founda Health platform makes sure that highly sensitive patient information is protected at all times. Access is restricted to authorized systems, software or individuals only. Founda's Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service allows providers to manage and control secure access to their data. This service allows for quick and accurate verification of all involved parties. This also ensures that the necessary permissions for using the requested data are in position during every access attempt.

Technical Overview
Audit Service

Founda Health's comprehensive suite extends to an Audit Service, featuring a repository of audit records. This service assures accountability through robust record-keeping, creating a secure trail of actions taken within the platform. By adhering to industry standards, the Audit Service ensures transparent and accurate logging of activities, bolstering compliance and transparency. This approach empowers users with a thorough understanding of data interactions, reinforcing responsible practices and facilitating streamlined auditing processes.

Technical Overview
Console Service

Founda Health presents a unique offering to the market: the Founda Console. The Console is a user interface that gives applications and providers the ability to seamlessly manage and control their integrations. Inside this user-friendly and self-service interface, applications can request access to data and manage subscriptions. Provider IT teams keep full control, allowing them to approve these requests and carefully watch over access to patients' data.

Technical Overview

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