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In the rapidly evolving digital health landscape, data is a precious resource that holds the key to innovation and competitiveness. Founda Health is dedicated to helping digital health companies build integrations faster, for less, so you can gain a competitive edge in the market. You can streamline the exchange of patient demographics, clinical data, appointment information, and crucial documents with healthcare providers using our advanced solution.

Embracing Founda Health as your partner means a one-time integration effort, enabling your solution to effortlessly expand across numerous healthcare organizations. Our solution empowers you to quickly navigate technical integrations and focus on what truly matters—delivering groundbreaking healthcare solutions to your customers while driving revenue growth.

Integrating different systems and data sources can be complex, often accompanied by uncertainty and hidden costs. That's why Founda Health developed a transparent pricing structure that allows companies to efficiently plan and budget for their integration needs. Founda Health provides clarity, ensuring that the pricing structure aligns with the value delivered.

Seamless EHR

We simplify the process for you with pre-built and reusable integrations. Our modern technology allows you to integrate once, ensuring continuous progress and agility regardless of the lack of industry-wide standards.

Reduce Time@10x-8
Accelerated Revenue Generation

Founda Health streamlines integration tasks into a user-friendly process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—delivering groundbreaking healthcare solutions to your customers while driving revenue growth.


At Founda Health, we see data movement as a valuable commodity. That's why we've reimagined the pricing and automation of our solutions, making it easy for you to navigate the complexities of interoperability without breaking the bank.

Dedicated & Reliable Support

Our team is committed to addressing your technical needs promptly and efficiently, enabling you to overcome obstacles and thrive in the diverse healthcare landscape.

Case Study: OnlineProms in Treant Hospital

Treant Zorggroep, uniting three hospitals and 17 care centers, faced challenges in managing pre- and postoperative PROMs for orthopedic patients without EHR integration. Founda Health intervened, integrating OnlinePROMs with their EHR using triggers. 

The integration automated patient registration, saving 400 hours yearly, and seamlessly embedded OnlinePROMs into the EHR. Follow-up processes were optimized, focusing on essential messages, and patient data privacy was ensured through encryption and filtering. Treant Zorggroep's selection of Founda Health was influenced by its adaptable platform, streamlined integration, and one-time setup approach, making it conducive for future integrations. The agile expansion approach facilitates gradual growth, and collaboration with Founda Health is now extended with a contract to integrate 10 applications in the next two years.

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What you can achieve with the Founda Health Platform

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Patient Demographics Exchange

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Access to Clinical Data

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Document Exchange

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Appointment Scheduling

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