Revolutionizing Healthcare through Data Availability

Our cutting-edge interoperability and health information exchange platform, based on IHE global standards, delivers a host of benefits to elevate the effectiveness of your organization.

Demonstrable Value to HIE members

The Founda Health platform allows HIE Network Organizations to demonstrate tangible value to their stakeholders, including healthcare providers, payers, and patients. This strengthens their position as a vital component in the healthcare ecosystem.

Increased Provider Satisfaction

Healthcare providers benefit from easier access to patient information, leading to increased satisfaction. This, in turn, can contribute to higher engagement with the HIE Network Organization.

Better Coordination of Care with Standards

The Found Health platform facilitates data exchange, enhances coordination of care, improves patient outcomes, reduces vendor lock-in, and fosters a collaborative healthcare environment using standards like FHIR, IHE, and DICOM.

Reduced Dependence on Solution Providers

By adopting standards-based solutions, HIE Network Organizations can reduce dependence on a single commercial provider and gain flexibility in choosing and integrating technologies that best suit their needs.

Drive digital transformation with Founda Health

Founda Health empowers HIE network organizations in their digital transformation to streamline resource allocation, foster collaborative partnerships, and adapt proactively to evolving healthcare landscapes. Enhanced data governance ensures compliance with regulatory standards reinforcing the organization's credibility. Founda Health ultimately strengthens their mission to improve community health outcomes.

Founda Driving Innovation

What you can achieve with the Founda Health Platform


Health Information Exchange

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Diagnostic Image Exchange

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Multidisciplinary Consultation

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Referral Management

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Deliver a seamless
and connected experience for every patient

Founda Health not only benefits patient-facing teams, but also significantly eases the workload for IT teams compared to traditional integrations. Our platform offers a seamless and plug-and-play solution, reducing the complexity and time typically required for integrating different systems. With Founda Health, IT professionals can save valuable resources and effortlessly manage data movement, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of the healthcare infrastructure.

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