Revolutionizing Healthcare through Data Availability

True interoperability paves the way for effective, efficient care collaboration and growth by allowing patient information to be exchanged and accessed in real-time across multiple care settings. Founda Health brings advanced technology to healthcare providers, so they can focus on placing patient care at the forefront. Our approach to interoperability enables data availability for applications, systems, departments and stakeholders to ensure relevant and accurate data is readily accessible, allowing them to communicate with each other and access and exchange clinical information, while Healthcare IT can focus on exploring other innovative priorities. Based on Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) global standards, it offers an innovative answer to today’s interoperability challenges.

A high-class digital patient care experience

Founda Health enables seamless integration of patient records across systems, with optimal efficiency, privacy, and patient involvement for a top-notch digital patient experience.

Reduce Time@10x-8
A lighter admin workload for clinicians and staff

Reduce the administrative burden by automating data movement, freeing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care. They can access virtual medical records across care settings to improve decision-making.

Reduce costs of software and integrations

Reduce project costs by delivering interoperability solutions on time, while ensuring smooth operation of existing IT architecture. Founda Health offers low entry barriers and minimal upfront integration costs.

Lower IT workload

Founda Health streamlines integration tasks into a user-friendly process, saving time and effort. With end-to-end encrypted data exchange, we focus on data security and simplify your governance processes.

Drive digital transformation with Founda Health

The Founda Health platform empowers healthcare providers to drive digital transformation and become future-proof. By taking away day-to-day interoperability challenges, Founda Health enables the rapid rollout of new initiatives and encourages adoption. This allows providers to access digital innovations effortlessly, improving processes for healthcare professionals and enhancing patient care, ultimately ensuring they stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Founda Driving Innovation

What you can achieve with Founda Health

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Patient Demographics Exchange

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Access to Clinical Data

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Appointment Scheduling

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Health Information Exchange

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Diagnostic Image Exchange

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Referral Management

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Deliver a seamless
and connected experience for every patient

Founda Health not only benefits patient-facing teams, but also significantly eases the workload for IT teams compared to traditional integrations. Our platform for data access offers a seamless and plug-and-play solution, reducing the complexity and time typically required for integrating different systems. With Founda Health, IT professionals can save valuable resources and effortlessly manage data movement, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of the healthcare infrastructure.

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