Founda Health Values

We zijn pioniers

Be Curious

We believe curiosity is the spark that drives innovation and success. We consciously build an environment where questions are welcomed, new ideas are explored, and a deep understanding of our market and customers is pursued by all. We inspire each other to learn continuously, to share insights, and to create impactful solutions.

Creating ambassadors

Enable Change

We embrace ideas with courage, enabling others to break free from conventional boundaries. By actively seeking to learn from new perspectives, we cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. We dare to redefine the norm and position ourselves as catalysts for lasting and impactful change.

We zorgen voor elkaar

Be connected

We are all connected, and that connectedness is our strength. We value each other as unique human beings and embrace individuality. Working together broadens our impact and contributes to meaningful change.

We zijn eigenaar

Take Ownership

We turn commitment into swift action while holding ourselves accountable. We act with integrity knowing that our promise is our bond. Together, we transform responsibility into shared success.