A culture of Security at Founda

At Founda Health security has and always will take centre stage. This commitment originates in our very foundations. Firstly, several of our founders, coming from the world of Fintech were already aware of the importance and necessity of security when growing a new digital market. Secondly, Security has always been of paramount importance within healthcare due to the inherently sensitive and confidential nature of healthcare data. Lastly, without a singular dedication to weaving security into every aspect of our organisation, there would be no trust

Fintech roots

Our Fintech roots have instilled a sense of urgency about security and innovation in Healthcare Learn more.

Sensitive data

Healthcare data is inherently sensitive and confidential and must be treated as such


We value the trust placed in us, so we take our security and privacy policies very seriously

Oauth2 - regulating access

Oauth2 represents the industry standard for identification and access management, as such it is crucial to the Founda proposition. This standard allows Founda to identify and provide access to the appropriate persons and applications. With this standard we can offer healthcare organisations the assurance that unauthorised individuals cannot gain access to sensitive and confidential information.

No data retention

Founda’s proposition is unique as it offers for the seamless integration and transfer of data without ever retaining the data in transfer.

No PII logging

Founda processes it’s data without logging Personal Identifiable Information (PII), this allows for the processing of information without any risk to sensitive and confidential information as all data is anonymous.


Founda encrypts its data using the most stringent and strictest standards in Healthcare, ensuring security of data.

Security is about more than just compliance at Founda

Compliance at Founda is not a matter of appeasing auditors, but rather a means to assure both ourselves and our affiliates that every aspect of Founda Health’s security is flawless. In the following page you will be able to discover how Founda Health ensures the security, standardisation and reliability of its product and systems.

Security Assessment & Compliance

First and foremost it is important to understand that as part of our dedication to providing a robust and secure product we undergo regular audits in order to maintain ISO and NEN compliance. These regular checks not only allow us to ensure we meet our own high standards on security but also engender the trust of our partners and customers.

Penetration and Vulnerability assessment

Despite the exceptional capabilities of our team we are unwilling to allow for any potential security flaws to go undetected to us. To this end we will employ the external services of Penetration Testing experts. This will allow for an army’s worth of attention to even the smallest chinks in Founda Health’s armour.

Data and Backups

All data we process is configured as part of Founda Health’s processes, this allows for ease of identification and backups, without unnecessary risks to confidentiality.In order to ensure that any security checks and audits are able to be undertaken thoroughly and without unnecessary burden Founda ensures that audit logs are kept.

Responsible Disclosure

As security is crucial to us at Founda, we find it of the utmost importance to keep an eye out for any security issues that might arise. To this end we have set up a responsible disclosure process. If you have noticed any security issues, please report them now.

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