New collaboration between ImagineCare and Founda Health enables Remote Patient Monitoring

March 14, 2022

ImagineCare, Sweden’s leading platform for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and Founda Health have signed a partnership to strengthen the offer of RPM towards Dutch caregivers, primary hospitals. The collaboration is also the beginning of an international offer for both parties.

ImagineCare’s solution enables RPM of e.g. chronic health conditions with the same medical precision as in the hospital, and is currently being used by Swedish healthcare regions. The platform allows for an openEHR and can easily be integrated with other solutions for safe sharing of data within the healthcare system. Patient-centric care is then optimized throughout the whole cycle.

“We always look for innovations with the best functionalities within healthtech, whether nationally or internationally, and are especially glad we have partnered with ImagineCare. We share the vision of a modern ecosystem to benefit the whole Health Continuum, and their clinically experienced platform can bring extra value for healthcare providers through the integration of ImagineCare’s solution into their work processes.”

– Jan Joost Kalff, CEO at Founda Health

Both Founda and ImagineCare aim to extend the implementation and integration of innovative solutions on an international level, with a shared focus on European markets such as Germany and the UK.

“The healthcare system is already under global pressure, and demands will increase further with an ageing population together with decreased care capacity. To strengthen the availability among those who need it the most, and at the same time unburden the medical staff, we need to shift from reactive to proactive care and through that decrease the hospitalisation among the chronically ill. We look forward to a collaboration where RPM can help more caregivers in the Netherlands and across Europe with that adaptation.”

– Masoud Jadidi, VP International at ImagineCare

The collaboration has already started, with a possibility for Dutch caregivers to integrate RPM through ImagineCare from now on.

About ImagineCare

ImagineCare is the Swedish market leader within Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) – enabling the shift from reactive to proactive healthcare. Through proactive monitoring at home, healthcare staff can notice deviations early on, making it possible to medicate quickly and prevent dangerous health outcomes. The aim is that their platform shall lead to improved health among the patients – leading to fewer hospitalisations, decreased healthcare costs, and to healthcare professionals having more time for what matters the most – their patients. Read more about ImagineCare and their platform at