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KPN Health and Founda Health entered into a multi-year partnership to offer healthcare providers simple, secure and standardized e-Health applications within their Health Exchange platform.

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About KPN

KPN has been the leading provider of telecommunications and IT services in the Netherlands for almost 140 years. Everyone in the Netherlands uses the KPN network on a daily basis, either directly or indirectly, from the high-speed fibre networks in the ground to payment card machines in shops, or the matrix boards above the motorways. Via the network of the Netherlands, in which KPN continuously invests by rolling out fibre and the introduction of new technologies such as the 5G mobile network, KPN serves consumers and business customers with services for telephony, data, television, internet-of-things, cloud, workplaces and security. KPN has an open network on which other providers also offer services. More information is available at the KPN website

About KPN Health Exchange

KPN Health Exchange is a KPN platform that supports healthcare organizations with data infrastructure to make healthcare information accessible to patients and healthcare professionals in a secure and standardized way. The KPN network is the basis for exchanging this data securely and reliably. KPN Health Exchange is an open ecosystem; the services are being developed by KPN, its partners, and the involved healthcare organizations. With KPN Health Exchange, healthcare institutions retain full control of their data and medical information, and patients still have access.

KPN & Founda: a bridge to sustainable care - the  "ecosystem perspective" 

The Founda Health platform, which links third-party digital applications, such as questionnaires, patient portals or home monitoring solutions, to healthcare facilities, will become part of the KPN Health Exchange. This KPN service enables the secure sharing of data from individual healthcare systems between healthcare institutions and patients. This, in turn, contributes to a more efficient working process for healthcare providers, and a better patient experience and lower healthcare costs.



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