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xWave Technologies is on a mission to save patient lives by ensuring that they get the best test first. They seamlessly integrate their clinical decision support system for radiology (xRefer) directly into existing ordering workflows to help clinicians order the best test for their patients at the right time.

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About xWave Technologies

xWave Technologies was founded by a leading group of radiologists who wanted to create intelligent solutions for the problems they were facing in their day-to-day work. Referring patients for medical imaging can be a complex process. xWave Technologies strives to provide an innovative platform that enables the best possible radiology referrals.

xRefer is a cloud-based smart radiology referral platform (available on web, Android and iOS apps) that integrates market-leading guidelines from the European Society of Radiology to support clinicians at the point of care to ensure they are referring patients to the most appropriate test first. 

What problems does xWave Technologies solve?

The Federal Drug Administration estimates that up to 50% of radiology scans are unnecessary and do not benefit the patients whom they are performed on. This can result in poor patient outcomes – delayed diagnoses, missed diagnoses, unnecessary radiation exposure.

It also costs health systems huge sums of money. In the U.S. alone, approximately $7bn-12bn is spent each year on unnecessary radiology scans.

Who does xWave Technologies help?

The smart radiology referral platform, xRefer, can be used by all clinicians who refer patients to radiology procedures. As a cloud-based platform with FHIR interoperability, xRefer can connect referrers and radiology teams within hospitals (intra-hospital), across different hospitals and imaging centers (inter-hospital), and it also connects GPs to hospitals.

How does xWave Technologies improve healthcare?

xRefer delivers significant benefits across the entire spectrum of healthcare including:

  • Improved Patient Experience by reducing unnecessary scanning, reducing unnecessary exposure to radiation, and avoiding missed or delayed diagnoses
  • Improved Population Health Outcomes by delivering more consistent, appropriate, and reproducible radiology care to improve the health outcomes of a wider population
  • Improved Clinician Experience by making the referral and radiology communications workflow more efficient while delivering better information to the clinician at the point of care
  • Reduced Costs by reducing wasteful imaging that contributes little to patient health, and focusing on providing the best test first

What makes xWave Technologies unique?

While digitized radiology guidelines exist, xRefer has taken those guidelines and made them an integrated part of the referring workflow, increasing their usability and delivering radiology expertise to the referrer at the point of care. xRefer is the only mobile-first platform with integrated guidelines and is also the only platform to carry guidelines from both the European Society of Radiology and the Royal College of Radiologists.

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