Umbi’s digital platform provides healthcare organizations with smart solutions to optimize patient flows, manage visitor flows and integrated video consultations.

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About Umbi

Umbi is building software to help hospitals, practices and doctors increase the efficiency of outpatient visits while boosting the patient experience.

Patient experience nowadays is often far below zero with long waiting times, lack of information, lack of empathy, etc. Hospitals, practices and doctors are at the top of their toes, together with their (often numerous) staff. 

Our platform creates a digital connection between patients and the hospital, practice or doctor can help overcome both problems, offering EESY (Efficiency, Experience and Safety for You) solutions for optimal patient flow, digital companion, online admin, visitor management and advanced business intelligence.

Allow digital natives to be in control by offering self service and a digital platform to follow up on their appointments. Deliver real time information to the patients. Free staff members from the administration overload and allow them to spend more time on patients that need it.

What problems does Umbi solve?

A typical hospital or clinic visit often ends up with a bad experience. For the patient up to 84% of the time is wasted on waiting for, or traveling to, the clinical visit. There is a lack of information on waiting times, rates, etc. Basically, patients are often not treated as true customers.

On the other side, the care provider also experiences difficulties. Commonly, no-show rates run from 8-12%, The expenses to run a clinic are high and keep rising due to a constant increase of the administration burden (legal, safety, system complexity).

In addition to all of that, the recent COVID-19 pandemic, introduces new challenges such as the need to avoid physical contact between physicians-patients-devices.

How does Umbi improve healthcare?

Umbi technologies are centered around the concept of improving and facilitating interaction between the patient-the physician-the hospital while offering a great experience.

The digital No-Touch Companion streamlines patients' visits from the moment the patient makes an appointment to the moment he leaves the clinic (including payment).

The Digital Front Door is a digital portal, enabling and facilitating digital access to the hospital including agenda systems, while introducing technology for patient routing, questionnaires, etc.

The Integrated Video Consultation allows long-distance contact.

The Visitor Management System not only offers visitor registration and information, it offers the potential of managing visitor flows and density throughout the day. All of these are driven by a DataAnalytics and Intelligence Engine for constant improvement of these complex processes.

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