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The SyncVR Medical platform enables hospitals to implement VR throughout their systems: from hardware, software and workshops to agreements with supporting services and a hygiene protocol.

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Patient comfort

SyncVR enables hospitals to use the power of XR to reduce patients' pain and anxiety


SyncVR brings XR to healthcare staff training, allowing for a more hands-on approach

Embrace XR

SyncVR allows VR/AR/MR applications to be incorporated into every facet of healthcare

About SyncVR

SyncVR is an XR (extended reality) European healthcare platform, on a continuous mission to improve healthcare with their technical and medical implementation expertise. They integrate third party VR/AR/MR applications to their platform, making them accessible to more than 120 healthcare institutions partnered with SyncVR.

What does SyncVR do?

On their platform they bring together XR app developers and healthcare institutions.

What problems does SyncVR solve?

For patients, SyncVR offers pain reduction, anxiety reduction, and improved rehabilitation, as well as numerous applications. For many patients, the thought of medical treatment is enough to cause stress and anxiety. The loss of control causes patients to focus on the environment and react with heightened sensitivity to certain stimuli, such as the beeping of machines. Anxiety is a risk factor for complications and can lead to a more painful recovery process and a longer stay. In addition, it increases pain perception and the need for sedatives.

Virtual Reality, however, is a very powerful way of distracting. The patient's attention is focused on the virtual environment, leaving little attention for other things. Firstly, VR offers relaxation and distraction before, during or after medical procedures or during a long hospital stay. In addition, Virtual Reality can stimulate physical reactivation (in the form of movement exercises or bicycle tours) and contribute to cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation.

For healthcare staff SyncVR provides simulation training, stress reduction, and remote education. Virtual reality increases knowledge and improves traning process.

Who does SyncVR help?

SyncVR aims to help patients, physicians and nurses.

How does SyncVR improve healthcare?

SyncVR is changing healthcare through XR, improving the patient experience and upgrading healthcare staff training.

What makes SyncVR unique?

SyncVR’s is one of the largest organisations bringing XR technology and applications to healthcare. They have experience of implementing XR in more than 120 healthcare institutions.

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