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A digital platform for seamless care chains, outstanding availability and increased efficiency

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Smart and seamless healthcare

Solutions including the digital front door, self-service and automation, consultation, remote monitoring and adaptation, improve care throughout the entire patient journey.

Human-centred approach

Make the healthcare experience attainable and user friendly, for both patients and clinicians.

Data-driven care

The digital-first setting puts the patient in control and enables autonomy and self-control of the patient journey.

About Platform24

Platform24 is the leading Nordic B2B healthtech and white-label telemedicine SaaS platform. With the platform, customers can work with and streamline all possible digi-physical patient journeys, from health and prevention, acute and planned episodes, to chronic management in one place. The comprehensive and innovative solutions are built to improve access, efficiency and medical safety. The customers of Platform24 are mainly healthcare providers and insurance companies.

What does Platform24 do?

Platform24 offers a modular care platform, with plenty of solutions within the same interface:

  • Patient front door (web/native)
  • Symptom checker
  • Triage & patient guidance (both automated)
  • Booking & scheduling management
  • Virtual consultations - video/text chat/audio
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Digital medical questionnaires - built-in and customisable
  • Professional services for implementation and transformation to digital-first ways of working

What problems does Platform24 solve?

Healthcare is today often burdened by poor availability for patients, difficulties to get to the right level of care, and many broken patient journeys. It is not unusual that these problems are handled through many scattered initiatives, which in the end prove to be costly due to little or no results and no opportunity to scale over time.

By integrating all elements in the care chain, regardless of whether it is with physical or digital contact, throughout healthcare, the patient, business and system perspective are united. Platform24 enables increased availability and quality in delivery of care in a cost-efficient way as the patients can receive help quickly at the right level of care. Care becomes easy to reach and with a clear overview, while creating security and increased control for the patient. In addition, automation of certain work steps streamlines and reduces the administrative burden for the care staff.

Who does Platform24 help?

Their customers include both public and private care providers as well as insurance companies.

How does Platform24 improve healthcare?

Platform24 is on a mission to unlock the potential of healthcare by creating smooth and accessible healthcare, where both patients and caregivers are empowered by the smartest digital technology available. They build modular health tech for seamless care, with solutions including the digital front door, self-service and automation, consultation, remote monitoring and adaptation, improving care and quality of life throughout the patient journey and beyond.

What makes Platform24 unique?

Platform24 is the only supplier offering a full service solution with a patient and clinician interface, covering acute/symptomatic care, episodic care and chronic management (including RPM solutions) within the same platform/interface.

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