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Patient Journey App

Patient Journey App allows healthcare professionals to update their patients with the right information at the right time. Through interactive push notifications you can inform, activate and empower them about the next steps in their patient journey.

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Patient Journey App

Empower Patients

Provide patients with the right knowledge to take charge and understand their own treatment

Structured and Aware

Patient Journey App provides patients with a structured care journey, streamlines internal process and reminds patients of tasks

Connect to OnlinePROMS

Patient Journey App connects seamlessly to OnlinePROMS, allowing practitioners to utilise digital PROMs and PREMs to personalise individual care pathways

About Patient Journey App

Patient Journey App is a product of Interactive Studios.

Since 2003 Interactive Studios has specialized upon and produced innovative software solutions for the healthcare sector.

Interactive Studios is ISO27001, ISO9001 and NEN7510 certified. In addition to these certifications, their software undergoes twice-yearly testing by Deloitte's Digital Health Compliance program.

The Patient Journey App provides patients with a unique opportunity to be educated on the treatment the patient is undergoing. Patient Journey App believes well educated and knowledgeable patients are more empowered, better adhere to treatment instructions, and are more satisfied with the care they receive.

Throughout the whole patient journey, Patient Journey App collects valuable data for the healthcare providers to monitor patients’ progress. The healthcare providers use it to further personalize the education we provide to patients as well as optimizing the treatment. The healthcare providers can collect important patient data such as pain scores, medicine regimen adherence, activity tracking through sensors, healing of the wound, and PROMs/PREMs-data throughout the treatment. 

What problems does Patient Journey App solve?

Patient Journey App delivers the right information at the right time and brings this actively to the users via push-notifications. This limits the feeling of being overwhelmed with a bulk of information in a short period of time. In addition, Patient Journey App structures the patient journey and streamlines internal processes. The app actively provides information to patients so they have to contact the hospital less and do contact the hospital when it might be necessary (f.e. in case of a fever before an operation). Lastly, the enormous amount of data that is collected through the Patient Journey App can be used to improve patient outcomes.

Who does Patient Journey App help?

Healthcare providers, patients and their loved ones.

How does Patient Journey App improve healthcare?

The app gives insight into the patient journey and where improvements can be made. It also empowers the patient to be more in charge of their own patient journey and reduce the number of visits to the hospitals due to all of the data that is collected and sent digitally to the healthcare providers. 

What makes Patient Journey App unique?

Patient Journey App can be used for every kind of specialism and during every stage of the patient journey (from pre-op to post-op). Besides offering an interactive app to patients, healthcare providers can monitor the patients’ progress and collect valuable data (PROMs/PREMs). 

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Patient Journey App

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