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Parsek's Vitaly web application leverages collaborative decisions across cross-institutional multidisciplinary team meetings in oncology diagnostics.

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Parsek is a healthcare IT company that helps its customers, patients and care teams to connect, collaborate and change healthcare experience. Parsek's Vitaly platform improves traditional cancer care services by simplifying clinical collaboration and coordination of care beyond borders and bringing valuable results.

In the past years, Parsek has built a strong footprint in oncology by working with respected clients in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands – including NHS trusts, Integrated Care Systems, leading university medical centres and other institutions within regional oncology networks.

About Vitaly solution

The Vitaly web application leverages collaborative decisions across cross-institutional multidisciplinary team meetings (MDT/MDO) in oncology diagnostics. The technology joins experts working in different systems in multiple locations to efficiently make the best joint decisions about patients' future care. The solution enables easy access and secure exchange of relevant patient information beyond hospital walls, transparent and streamlined interoperable workflows that are adapted to the existing processes of MDT collaboration and more flexible communication options that help MDT participants to prepare and align cases efficiently. Vitaly is built to optimise how clinical resources are used before and during the meetings by reducing their time spent on administration and supports shared decision-making to achieve high-quality results.

What problems does Vitaly solve?

Vitaly tackles the challenges of complex cross-institutional decision-making processes by simplifying the logistics, information flow and clinical team utilisation in a more time- and cost-effective manner. The use of the application improves teamwork's productivity by decreasing unnecessary administrative workload through effortless access to patient information for all members involved, This digitally supported care model positively influences clinical decision-making, improves team performance, induces more accurate diagnoses and faster decisions to avoid delays to the treatment and stimulate preventative actions.

Who does Vitaly help?

Patients: The Vitaly application helps patients improve clinical outcomes through aligned and audited treatment recommendations. It improves their quality of care by minimising the need for prolonged decisions and treatment delays. It also supports a better way to deliver care to patients with complex conditions (faster time-to-result, more effective care planning and treatment options, inclusion to clinical trials). Lastly, it helps to enhance the patient experience by promoting equal, patient-centric care to decrease variations in outcomes through standardised protocol, supported within localities and regions.

Care providers: The application helps multi-professional clinical teams reach faster and better quality decisions for their patients beyond the limits of hospital walls by optimising their administrative efforts through simplified collaboration and integrated material exchange. 

The possibility of aligning best treatment options with other team members through automated and traceable workflows results in more efficient and better-coordinated therapy recommendations to decrease diagnostic intervals. In addition, the solution enables seamless connectivity and opinion exchange beyond hospital walls to stimulate cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing and personal growth, offering better care resulting from collaboration instead of competition.

Healthcare organisations: Vitaly helps organisations support the vision of achieving quality and cost-efficient care systems by enabling real-time tracking of key business values and gathering the evidence needed for reimbursement and quality of processes. It helps increase staff's productivity and improve outcomes by minimising non-value-added tasks and offering an efficient cross-interdisciplinary collaboration framework. Clinical time can be redeployed to shorten waiting times and support more complex patients that require their expertise.

How does Vitaly improve healthcare?

Vitaly promotes the advantages of teamwork across the dispersed healthcare settings to help transform traditional complexities into a seamless digital experience by stimulating remote collaboration between various specialists, healthcare administrators, patients and other involved stakeholders. It offers a comprehensive patient overview – retrieved from different integrated hospital systems – that helps release the administrative burden of clinical staff and speed up the decision-making process to reduce waiting times, while offering clinicians more time to devote to patients who need them the most.

What makes Vitaly unique?

With Vitaly, Parsek aims to orchestrate the processes where other systems rarely succeed – securely integrating dispersed care settings. Vitaly is applicable in a regional or national setup and supports implementation of all types of oncological MDTs and also other therapeutic areas, such as chronic care and mental health, regardless the number and size of participating institutions.

Vitaly is built to integrate different systems and provides internationally recognised IHE workflow standards for Virtual Tumor Board that can be configured to give the most data governance and implementation possibilities.

Supported by cloud services, Vitaly is easy to install and made for scaling by covering different use cases within a single platform. Its modular, user-friendly design allows for a flexible approach to fit specific user needs in complex care settings.

Lastly, the solution is built to deliver proven medical outcomes in regards to knowledge-sharing, cost efficiency and promptness of care – regardless of the location.

Parsek wrote a case study that demonstrates how digital tools such as Vitaly contribute to greater team productivity and shortened time-to-result through, amog other things, streamlined processes and standardised clinical information exchange. You can download and read Parsek's case study here.

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