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Open HealthHub

Open HealthHub's platforms capture and manage patient data securely, easily and efficiently.

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Digital Communication

Open Healthhub allows for healthcare practitioners and researchers to communicate digitally with their patients

Questionnaire applications

Easy-to-use, secure applications allow healthcare professionals to gather any necessary information from patients

Integrate captured data

Easily receive, manage, and integrate captured data in secure end-to-end encryption

Year founded
Country of origin
The Netherlands
App category
Remote Consultation & Communication
Active markets
The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, US, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland
Active customers
EHR integrations

About Open HealthHub

Open HealthHub helps healthcare professionals and researchers to digitally communicate with their patients using easy-to-use, multilingual and secure applications for questionnaires, patient information materials and remote patient monitoring. Open HealthHub also enables the Healthcare organisations’ IT departments to integrate captured data into their EHR, EDC and other systems using APIs and FHIR standards. 

What problems does Open HealthHub solve?

Open Healthhub removes much of the burdens felt by healthcare and research professionals when sharing information (questionnaires, Remote Patient Monitoring) with their patients by providing a safe and secure integration of data into the EHR, EDC and other systems.

Who does Open HealthHub help?

Open HealthHub helps healthcare and research professionals to design their own content and perform Remote Patient Monitoring using devices from multiple suppliers. It helps IT-departments to do their own integrations using FHIR API’s. It helps B2B partners to integrate in their healthcare or research processes. It helps patients communicate with their healthcare professional using an easy-to-use app and keeps their medical data secure using end-to-end encryption.

How does Open HealthHub improve healthcare?

Open HealthHub allows healthcare professionals and their IT departments to take back control of their digital communication with patients and integrate data into EHR’s and other systems.

What makes Open HealthHub unique?

Open Healthhub keeps medical data secure using its unique end-to-end encryption. Healthcare professionals and their IT departments have full control over the content and the ways they integrate data into other systems.

Open HealthHub’s knowledge and application on international standards in healthcare, means that they structure data in a way that is easy to connect with and ready for use by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications.

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