Novacair is a medical software company that improves healthcare quality by developing and validating medical questionnaires and algorithms that safely screen patients, enable validated triage, and leave time for highly complex care.

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About NovaCair

NovaCair's E-POS is a scientifically validated medical screening tool with patient explanation animations that makes the medical screening process easier, more understandable and safer for both patient and healthcare provider.

What problems does NovaCair's E-POS solve?

The way traditional questionnaires are completed and processed are time-consuming and highly prone to errors. In addition, these medical questionnaires are also patient-unfriendly and facilitate only the native language.  E-POS provides the patient with the questionnaire at home, eliminating the need for the patient to travel to the hospital to fill it out, but also provides multiple language options allowing patients from migrant backgrounds to complete the questionnaire in their mother tongue as well. For the healthcare provider, E-POS helps by saving time, completeness and triage. The healthcare provider no longer has to copy the questionnaire manually into the patient portal. This prevents incomplete or incorrect answers. E-POS supports the anaesthesiologist in triage.

Who does this Application help?

Patients, healthcare providers, and medical doctors.

How does NovaCair's E-POS improve healthcare?

Thanks to the scientifically validated triage advice from E-POS, about 85% of preoperative patients no longer need to visit the outpatient clinic. As a result, the contact moment between patient and doctor takes place only when medically relevant. This not only generates huge savings for hospitals or private clinics, but also for the patient who is saved from an unnecessary medical interaction and it's impact on his work day, travel and planning hassle.

What makes E-POS unique?

What sets E-POS apart from competition is scientific validation. The triage determined on the basis of patient- and surgery-related information is weighed by the algorithm for each patient. This filters out human error from the system. The report from E-POS explains why the algorithm made the choice, and the doctor can use the report to determine what follow-up consultation is appropriate. During the consultation, all information from E-POS is available in the EHR.

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