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Moveup offers patients and doctors with personalised care and medical knowledge based on daily PROMS and data recorded by wearables.

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24/7 patient support

Guide orthopedic and bariatric surgery patients to navigate care at home with the combination of application and MoveUP certified physiotherapists and specialists

Detect and Act

Daily data allows for the early detection of post-op complications and changes to the care routine to accomodate

Use the data

Machine learning allows for the vast amount of data to yield improved care pathway suggestions and better treatment outcomes

About MoveUP

MoveUP provides 24/7 patient support before and after an orthopedic or bariatric surgery. This helps in numerous ways. It improves patient satisfaction, with personalised home care plans tailored to their individual progress. Provides data insights as to the patient’s progress throughout the entire care pathway. And, finally, ensures patient safety by collecting daily data in order to identify post-op complications in the early stages.

MoveUP’s application allows patients to be guided through their care at home, by a team of MoveUP certified physiotherapists and specialists. The moveUP solution combines patient feedback (from activity trackers and daily questions) with standardised protocols to generate daily updated personalised care plans. Clinicians from the virtual clinic stay in full control with the option to adjust care plans at any time.

What problems does MoveUP solve?

MoveUP aids in improving patient engagement and providing the right care at the right place at the right time.

Who does MoveUP help?

MoveUP’s main focus is on orthopaedic and bariatric patients.

How does MoveUP improve healthcare?

MoveUP’s solution enables healthcare providers to monitor patients throughout their care journey, reduce chronic pain and dissatisfaction, while giving patients the feeling of being in full control of their own rehabilitation activities.

Patients report to be highly satisfied that they can decide where, when and for how long they do their exercises every day. This is achieved by collecting structured real-life patient data of the full patient journey.

Machine learning is also applied to this data to constantly improve the efficiency and outcomes of treatment pathways.

How is MoveUP unique?

The daily patient feedback makes it possible to tailor remote digital care and allows specialists to monitor their patients at all times. This unique feedback loop provides peace of mind and convenience for both the patients and healthcare professionals.

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