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Medicine Men's Emma Platform provides patients with a well-informed and connected network of professionals that can provide the best care and support needed.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

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About Medicine Men

Medicine Men builds self-care applications that focus on patients with chronic diseases. The Emma platform is designed to provide healthcare providers with the right tools to support and monitor their patients, clients and rehabilitation remotely. 

Within Emma, patients and their healthcare professionals work together optimally in managing the afflictions of the patient. When the patient has been included in their own care path, they can connect new health professionals by themselves. There are no limitations of location or organization. 

Medicine Men strives to unburden healthcare providers as much as possible. Their service consists of automation, logistics, but mostly people. An increasing number of validated interventions offers the right care combined with lowering costs according to the triple aim principles.

What problems does Medicine Men solve?

The Emma platform gives the patient more control and lets them take care of themselves whenever that is possible – and eventually get helped or coached by their loved ones. In addition, the platform adds versatile questionnaire options for healthcare professionals. Sending these questionnaires prior to the (digital) consultation not only makes the consultation more efficient, but also prevents unnecessary consultations. 

These solutions provide healthcare professionals all the tools to optimally monitor and support their patients and ultimately gives the healthcare provider more time for important matters, such as coaching, treating and diagnosing patients. 

Who does Medicine Men help?

Emma can be used within a few GP practices, but also in all departments of a hospital. Because patients connect others, an Emma installation can easily be expanded to a care path or as a patient hub within regional collaborations of multiple healthcare organizations.

How does Medicine Men improve healthcare?

Because Emma offers patients more control and independence therapy adherence increases in a lot of patients. Additionally, the use of the Emma platform saves healthcare providers time, health insurances money, and offers patients and their family positive health.

What makes Medicine Men unique?

The Emma-platform is patient-centric. Everything a patient can do himself, should be done by the patient.

With Emma, the patient is central and stays in control of the record. The patient collects his own data and decides which caregivers can view his data. It offers self-management whenever possible and support when it’s needed. Because the patient can add healthcare providers himself, there is an unlimited expansion of healthcare providers and organizations in a network around the patient and his caregiver. 

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