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MCR Clinic™ supports automated and secure workflow of remote trial monitoring and online trial management. Conducting clinical trials becomes more effective and efficient, with minimal chance for error.

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About MCR Clinic™

MCR Clinic™ provides a unique IT solution developed in cooperation with all the stakeholders involved. It is an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system based on EHR2EDC integration that allows measurable time and cost savings.

They offer tailored services related to the conduct of Clinical Trial:

  1. Remote Trial Monitoring for Sponsors and CRO companies
  2. Online Trial management for Clinical Sites

MCR Clinic™ allows a smooth transition into their #HybridModel of Clinical Trials with a reduced number of physical (on-site) monitoring visits, remote access to eSource data, and remote monitoring of Clinical Trials without ‘over the shoulder’ access. This means reducing the number of physical visits by monitors to sites and, over time, abandoning traditional methods altogether in favor of remote trial monitoring and online trial management.

With MCR Clinic™, patients’ Electronic Health Record becomes participants’ eSource Data to perfectly spot your trial in time.

What problems does MCR Clinic™ solve?

The MCR Clinic™ IT system has been developed for both the needs of diligent trial monitoring by sponsors and effective trial management by clinical sites. Both are intimately linked.

As a result, it solves key problems in sponsors’ and sites’ trial monitoring and sponsor-site communication, such as burdensome and time-consuming trial startups, cumulative delays in populating data into sponsors’ databases, duplication of data, human transcription errors, considerable mental efforts and skills demanded to verify eSource data, and statistically unhealthy data in sponsors’ databases.

MCR Clinic™ guarantees sponsors remote access to eSource Data and statistically healthy data free of errors in sponsor's databases. They guarantee clinical sites a full financial control on trial conduct and that all medical procedures are properly assigned to a single trial participant.

Finally, MCR Clinic™ guarantees no delays for sponsors and no financial losses for clinical sites.

Who does MCR Clinic™ help?

MCR Clinic™ helps investigators and site teams with Trial Management (Online), as well as monitors and project teams with Trial Monitoring (Remote) through:

  • MCR Clinical Site Manager™ (CSM™) for Site Managers, Clinical Research Coordinators, Principal Investigators, Investigators and other Site Team members for effective contracting, startup, supervision and billing.
  • MCR eSource Remote Viewer™ (eSRV™) for Monitor Coordinators, Monitors and other Project Team members for diligent full-scale remote monitoring on a day-to-day basis.

The MCR Clinic™ system ensures the security of anonymised patient data and blocks any unauthorized access. Instead of manual data entry and verification, MCR Clinic™ supports automated and secure workflow, reducing risks of misconduct of important source data.

With MCR Clinic™, Investigators and Site Teams as well as Monitors and Project Teams can focus on medical issues while MCR Clinic™ will do the rest, such as integrating Clinical Trial with the source EHR.

How does MCR Clinic™ improve healthcare?

MCR Clinic™ facilitates 100% real-time Remote Monitoring of Clinical Trials through a combination of Full Automation in eSource Data Verification (SDV) and Holistic Integration with the EHR and, on Sponsors’ request, with other systems used in clinical trials (i.e. eCRF).

With MCR Clinic™, conducting clinical trials becomes more effective and efficient, with minimal chance for error.

What makes MCR Clinic™ unique?

The uniqueness of the MCR Clinic™ system lies in the time saved on technical and operational works by Investigators and Site Teams, as well as by Monitors and Project Teams.

MCR Clinic™ has the power to make measurable time savings and consequently significant financial savings.

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