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ImagineCare is the Swedish market leader within Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) – enabling the shift from reactive to proactive healthcare.

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Increased Patient Participation

User-friendly patient app allows patients' access to their health data, increases communications with caregivers, participation and commitment to self-care

Proactive Patient Monitoring

Caregivers monitor patient health through a clinical web application, receive notifications of abnormalities and support patients in their home care

Individualised Care Pathway

Individualised care plan visualises which pathways a patient is connected to and shows their current health data, accessible to both caregivers and the patient

About ImagineCare

ImagineCare is the Swedish market leader within Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) – enabling the shift from reactive to proactive healthcare. Through proactive monitoring at home, health care staff can notice deviations early on, making it possible to medicate quickly and prevent dangerous health outcomes. At the same time, people with chronic diseases like heart failure, asthma, and diabetes, can be given access to the care system where they feel most safe - at home.

The solution of ImagineCare can improve the Digital Healthcare Ecosystem because it will increase the access to satisfactory health outcomes, reduce the risk of medical errors, increase the use of preventive health services, and improve overall care to the patients with the greatest need.

What does ImagineCare do?

ImagineCare makes it possible for the patient to have contact with her/his healthcare provider at a distance. The patient continuously reports their health values, both manually and via medical devices (sensor technology). Through the clinical web application, healthcare professionals receive notifications of abnormalities and can support patients through chat, video, or physical visits.

ImagineCare’s clinical web application provides an overview of patient data for a larger patient group, with decision support built right into the system. Individualised Care Pathway is assigned and customised in the clinical overview when a new patient is connected to the service. The care plan can then be edited in the clinical overview, either manually by care providers or automatically by the analysis processes, whenever necessary. The care plan visualises which pathways the patient is connected to and shows current health data, including vital parameters and expected measurement intervals. The care plan is shared with the patient in the app.

The ImagineCare mobile app (also available as white label) gives the patient support to take control of their own health in collaboration with their caregiver.

All data are stored and analysed automatically in a cloud-based provider of customers' choices or on-premises at the customers' own servers. In spring 2022, ImagineCare is launching a new platform with improved top-level functionality for both the caregiver and the patient.

What problems does ImagineCare solve?

As per a Deloitte report in September 2020, European healthcare systems face an increasing demand of healthcare services by citizens while at the same time a decreasing capacity in terms of both hospital beds and healthcare professionals. The report states that over 50 million people in Europe live with more than one chronic disease. In addition, Europe is expected to be short of 0.6 million doctors and 2.3 million nurses in 2030. The question is, what is the long-term solution for all these challenges? ImagineCare believes the answer is access to care, and that number of hospital beds is no longer a good reference for accessibility. Instead, we need to shift from reactive to proactive care.

Who does ImagineCare help?

ImagineCare’s solution helps patients with extra caring and check-up needs, such as patients living with a chronic disease. As of today, they have health flows for patients with e.g., heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and COPD. In the meantime, their solution can also help patients in care areas such as oncology, cardiology and aerial infections like the flu or covid-19.

They also offer Sweden’s first fully preventive RPM solution for maternal health care. Remote Patient Monitoring will now help pregnant women with increased blood sugar levels to prevent gestational diabetes.

Most importantly, the platform’s unique flexibility allows for new health flows continuously as per needed by their partnering caregivers.

How does ImagineCare improve healthcare?

ImagineCare has the ambition to use their platform to help healthcare professionals improve health and welling among the patients, which naturally leads to fewer hospitalisations. Fewer hospitalisations means decreased healthcare costs, so that healthcare organisations and professionals can focus more resources on what matters the most - their patients. Through this virtuous circle, improvements in healthcare are achieved on a personal level, a caregiver level, as well as on a societal level.

In addition, organisations can use the statistical result analysing the efficiency throughout the healthcare system. Thereby the application can provide insights for long-term policy and managerial decisions.

What makes ImagineCare unique?

Besides all functionalities and skills which are required to provide an advanced RPM solution, there are three unique functionalities which have made ImagineCare’s solution flexible and scalable:

  1. Their Customised by Design functionality makes it possible for caregivers to be able to create Individualised Care Pathways. This function can be utilised for a specific patient or a group of patients with a complex and comorbid chronic diagnosis.
  2. ImagineCare welcomes and supports all digital vendors to empower the flow of information across the healthcare ecosystem by utilising the integration capabilities through “openEHR”.
  3. With their Scalable Business Model, health organisations can build a foundation that’s future-ready to evolve with many healthcare specialities and subspecialties to share patient information within and beyond the organisation.

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