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Healthy Chronos

A wearable independent remote patient monitoring platform that provides caregivers and patients exponentially more insight in recovery and lifestyle at home. Currently supporting 500+ consumer and medical wearables and working with hospitals, physical and occupational therapists.

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Healthy Chronos

Remote patient lifestyle monitoring

Make daily patterns regarding activity level, exercise behavior and load capacity measurable.

500+ wearables supported

Use wearables, user-friendly and affordable tools for recording health data.

Tailored data-driven advice

Tailored data-driven advice in combination with direct feedback from the wearable gives patients more control in their daily lives.

About Healthy Chronos

Almost 25% of people in the Netherlands own a smartwatch or activity tracker (wearable). Everyday they collect valuable lifestyle and health data – data that can help caregivers to better understand patients' lifestyle, recovery and disease burden management, but this information is currently not being used in care paths. Healthy Chronos unlocks the potential wearables offer for healthcare decision making at home by integrating wearable data in care paths.

What does Healthy Chronos do?

Healthy Chronos is a remote patient lifestyle monitoring platform. It provides patients and caregivers more insight into activity, physical load and lifestyle in a patient’s daily life. It supports over 500 wearables, including almost all available consumer wearables.

What problems does Healthy Chronos solve?

Activity, physical load and lifestyle are crucial indicators of patient recovery and disease burden management at home. Caregivers lack access to objective data on these indicators. Healthy Chronos provides patients and caregivers a platform to monitor these important indicators by integrating wearables in their care path.

Who does Healthy Chronos help?

It helps both patients and caregivers. The platform is primarily being used by physical and occupational therapists and hospitals.

How does Healthy Chronos improve healthcare?

The platform supports data driven healthcare decision making and self-management in a patient’s daily life. Caregivers have access to more data, which supports them to better advise and treat their patients.

What makes Healthy Chronos unique?

Healthy Chronos is an independent platform that supports more than 500 consumer and medical wearables, specifically focused on monitoring a patient’s lifestyle, recovery and disease burden management at home. Caregivers can monitor patients with a wide range of wearables from one platform.

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