Healthy Chronos

A wearable independent remote patient monitoring platform that provides caregivers and patients exponentially more insight in recovery and lifestyle at home. Currently supporting 500+ consumer and medical wearables and working with hospitals, physical and occupational therapists.

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Healthy Chronos
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The Netherlands

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Remote Patient Monitoring

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The Netherlands, Belgium

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About Healthy Chronos

Healthy Chronos is a wearable independent remote patient lifestyle monitoring platform. We provide patients and caregivers exceptionally more insight in activity, physical load and lifestyle in a patient’s daily life. They support 500+ wearables, including almost all available consumer wearables.

What problems does Healthy Chronos solve?

Activity, physical load and lifestyle are crucial indicators of patient recovery and disease burden management at home. Caregivers lack access to objective data on these indicators. Healthy Chronos provides patients and caregivers a platform to monitor these important indicators by integrating wearables in their care path.

Who does Healthy Chronos help?

Healthy Chronos helps both patients and caregivers. Their platform is primarily being used by physical and occupational therapists and hospitals

How does Healthy Chronos improve healthcare?

The Healthy Chronos platform supports data driven healthcare decision making and self management in a patient’s daily life. Caregivers have access to more data which supports them to better advise and treat their patients.

What makes Healthy Chronos unique?

Healthy Chronos is a wearable independent platform that supports 500+ consumer and medical wearables specifically focused on monitoring a patient’s lifestyle, recovery and disease burden management at home. Caregivers can monitor patients with a wide range of wearables from 1 platform.

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