offers PERISCOPE: An AI-based decision-support system that enables proactive care. It predicts the risk of a postoperative infection (7 & 30 days) and provides 3 traffic light categories to make it actionable for physicians and nurses.

PERISCOPE is fully EHR-workflow integrated and offers accurate predictions and graphical up-to-date information. It saves 10 clicks per patient per shift for each end user, and aims to improve outcomes by reducing time to treatment, allow safer disccharge and reduce cost by >4M euro per year per hospital.

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PERISCOPE re-uses existing electronic health record data (no new measurements needed) to predict the risk of a postoperative infection for each individual adult patient for 7- and 30-days after their surgery. The predictions are reliable and robust (accuracy 90+%), integrated into the workflow (EHR), transparant and reduce administrative time (>9 clicks per shift per professional per patient) as all relevant information around infections are graphically summarised in one dashboard in the EHR.
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What problems does solve?

Between 4 to 25% of patients develop an infection, like pneumonia, urinary tract or wound infection, after their surgery. The average diagnosis is made on day 5 as health care providers are overloaded with a large number of patients, large amounts of data and patterns especially early on are hard to spot to find complications. An infection after surgery doubles hospital stay and overall recovery time, it adds 10,000 euros per patient or a total of 35M euro annually to the hospital bill in direct cost.

Who does this solution help?

We accurately predict the risk for an infection immediately after the surgery in the EHR workflow and summarise all relevant data in one place around this problem. We reduce mental and admin load for surgery care providers (physicians and nurses).


How does improve healthcare?

By reducing the time to diagnosis and treatment by several days, we aim to reduce time to diagnosis of an infection after surgery and therewith reduce readmission rates, hospital length of stay, cost of treatment (and improve hospital bottom line with >2M euro), waiting times for surgery and recovery time.

What makes unique?

PERISCOPE is workflow or EHR-integrated, reliable and robust, and has a great user interface with benefits for all stakeholders. It is more affordable and ~20% more accurate as a predictor, than a single biomarker measurement for the diagnosis of an infection.

Quality is top-of-mind: PERISCOPE is re-calibrated per hospital site to take in local patients, professional and protocols to offer the best performance. Also we validate locally and look at subgroup performance of the AI model to ensure in every subgroup the benchmark quality is met.

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