Happi's health application, based on the concept of Value-based healthcare, provides support and optimization to both patients and practitioners in treatment outcomes.

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The Netherlands


Medical Condition Management, Medical Reference & Decision Aid, Mental Health, Patient Lifestyle, Prescription Filling & Adherence, Remote Patient Monitoring

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The Netherlands

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About Happi

The Happi App Foundation provides patients with knowledge, ease and trust in managing their chronic disease. Happi was founded by doctors and is in constant development in close collaboration with patients and healthcare organisations. For every disease area they hold one specialist as champion in the field (e.g. for dermatology, haematology and hepatology).

Happi is an all-in-one application that lets patients manage their disease from 1 location. Everything a patient might encounter in daily life could be managed from the Happi app.  Patients can, for example, order medication, resolve feelings of loneliness or receive the latest information from their healthcare organisations. Happi also allows for healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients, allowing patients to remain home while being treated.

What problems does Happi solve?

Firstly, due to the current state of our care systems, patients only receive care and monitoring during their periodic visits to a hospital. With the Happi app they are able to be monitored 24/7, self-monitor and self-manage disease. This empowers patients to give their healthcare practitioners more time to devote to care for more patients.

Secondly, Happi empowers patients to become more involved in the management of their own care. Happi provides information to patients and the opportunity to understand how to act upon that information. For example if a patient were screened for depression and indicated mild complaints, the Happi app can redirect those patients toward evidence-based online self-help modules to help them self-manage their issues. 

Who does Happi help?

Happi’s key focus is on patients with chronic diseases, such as HIV, skin issues, haematology and liver issues. Happi also aids healthcare providers to free up time usually dedicated toward periodic hospital patient visits, to allow them more time to care.

How does Happi improve healthcare?

Through its application Happi empowers patients to self-manage their conditions, doctors to free up time for care and healthcare organisations to keep the number of in-house visits to a minimum and therefore cut down on unnecessary costs.

What makes Happi unique?

Happi is developed by doctors in close collaboration with both patients and healthcare organisations. It is free for both patients and hospitals to use. And it is an all-in-one solution combining several different services focusing both on care pathway features as a well as patient support features.

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