everywhereIM creates smart, medical apps that make healthcare measurable for healthcare providers and patients.

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The Netherlands

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Medical Reference & Decision Aid

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About everywhereIM

everywhereIM is an ICT company specialized in healthcare. The company makes apps at its own initiative and at the request of healthcare organizations, supplies software licenses of software developed in-house (No-code Greg, Quizmeester, Moniq) and writes CE markings for apps for its own software and for those of third parties. With specialized developers and medical advisors (doctors) in the team and a NEN7510:2020|7512:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certification, the users are assured of not only quality but also the safety of their confidential data. The purpose of everywhere IM is to make healthcare measurably better. 

What problems does everywhereIM solve?

It can take years before the latest updates to protocols are used in the care of a patient. Developing good protocols is the first step, implementing them a necessary second. In cooperation with care-related institutions, everywhereIM creates medical applications to speed up this process. This is also the focus of the company; making the latest scientific knowledge available in a practical form, quickly and everywhere.

Who does everywhereIM help?

Healthcare providers, medics and patients.

How does everywhereIM improve healthcare?

With everywhereIM there is easy access to the latest standards and (scientific) knowledge. Medical professionals can develop their guidelines and protocols based on this, and healthcare providers can make quick and appropriate treatment decisions. The patient is thus assured of the best care.

What makes everywhereIM unique?

Especially everywhereIM’s guideline apps are unique, because they are developed using their on no-code software program ‘No-Code Greg’. This program was developed entirely by everywhereIM and is therefore used exclusively for their applications. In addition, all the apps are CE marked and the company is NEN7510|NEN7512 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified, so the user is assured that everywhereIM knows how to handle confidential data.

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