Cataract flow: remote monitoring of patients after cataract surgery, including visual acuity and refraction measurements, and collection of PROMs data.

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The Netherlands


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Eastern Europe, France, Germany,
The Netherlands, Scandinavia,
United States
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About Easee

Everyone eye care
Our moment of clarity came from knowing that more than 1 billion people worldwide live with a form of visual impairment, of which more than a third use eyewear with the wrong prescription. Some simply don’t know they’re using the wrong prescription, others don’t even have access to an optician.
But the technology to make a change is here. So now everyone can clearly see what our patented solutions can do, as the first clinically proven and certified online eye-exam.
Redefining innovation
We are reimagining eye care through technology, both on a human and medical level. We ensure we keep pushing the boundaries by constantly challenging the status quo of eye care. Making the world a better place, one eye-exam at a time.
Democratizing Access
In a world that’s more visual than ever before, eyesight greatly impacts quality of life. This holds true for each and every one of us. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to make eye care more inclusive, worldwide.
Decentralizing control
With an online eye-exam, you not only increase the lifespan of your eyewear but also avoid the need to make appointments or travel, reducing the impact on our world. You are in control and making a change at the same time.

What problems does Easee solve?

Improves clinical efficiency, reduces capacity problems in clinics caused by high demand, improves patients journey (and reduced CO2 emission) by reduced travel time.

Who does this solution help?

Patients, ophthalmologist (and business managers).

How does Easee improve healthcare?

Overall, the remote monitoring solution for patients after cataract surgery brings numerous advantages to healthcare. It improves clinical efficiency, alleviates capacity problems in clinics, enhances the patient journey by reducing travel time, and is accessible through a web-based platform without the need for specialized hardware. Its clinical validation and CE certification further establish its credibility, making it a unique and valuable solution for healthcare providers and patients alike.

What makes Easee unique?

Web-based, without the need for specialized hardware. Clinically validated and CE certified.

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