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Easy-to-use communication and workflow solutions for the entire patient journey

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Comprehensive medical report

Dynamic forms that are automatically translated into a comprehensive medical report, enabling fast and accurate medical decisions.

User-friendly tools

The platform is easy to implement and use, regardless of previous digital experience.

Change management team

Experienced change management team to support and to ensure a successful digitalisation journey.

About Doctrin

Doctrin was founded by medical professionals who passionately wanted to change how healthcare was done. Therefore, its purpose is to radically improve healthcare. For healthcare professionals, patients, and society.

What does Doctrin do?

For healthcare providers who struggle with a lack of resources, Doctrin is a healthcare platform provider that offers easy-to-use communication and workflow solutions, transforming how healthcare is delivered and perceived. Doctrin's platform makes it easier to meet, assess, manage and follow up with patients via more accessible, integrated, and efficient care pathways. Doctrin has market-leading medical content in the platform with more than 700 dynamic questionnaires for various search reasons (medical conditions). The patient makes the first part of the doctor's visit digital by filling in a dynamic medical history report, so that the caregiver has great knowledge about the patient even before the first contact.

What problems does Doctrin solve?

The platform helps healthcare providers tackle insufficient resources, difficulties meeting patient demand, and long waiting hours. The Doctrin platforms leads to an efficient patient journey and efficient triage possibilities. Caregivers can thus triage, hand over and communicate internally based on the medical history report of the patient. The platform also allows for handling patients based on different professional competences within and between caregiver units in an efficient way.

Who does Doctrin help?

The platform helps clinicians meet, assess, manage and follow up with patients. It also enables healthcare providers to ensure a secure digital entry point for patients, helps plan operations and staffing, and structure the workflow.

How does Doctrin improve healthcare?

More than 300 clinics use Doctrin’s solutions across its active markets. The Doctrin platform delivers real results, including significantly improved patient satisfication, improved quality of care, more efficient work with less administration, and a better working environment.

What makes the application unique?

Doctrin has developed sophisticated medical history questionnaires, enabling fast medical decisions and saving critical time for people offering and receiving healthcare. Doctrin also has a change management team that ensures the successful implementation of the platform for all its new customers.

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