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DigiH allows patients and carers to search for care providers throughout the Netherlands. General practitioners and medical specialists can search and refer with DigiH, directly from their own EHR.

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Right care in the right place

Digital referrals prevent human errors, undermining unnecessary postponement of treatments and patients not ending up with the right care provider.

Refer directly from the EHR

General practitioners and medical specialists can refer patients to (specialised) paramedics directly from their own EHR.

Care finder

Patients and their carers can use DigiH to look for the primary care services, care aids and care (help) shops they need.

About DigiH

DigiH is a digital healthcare finder and healthcare referrer with which patients, general practitioners and specialists can search for and refer to (specialised) primary healthcare providers in the Netherlands. 

DigiH consists of the DigiH Care Finder, an intuitive care finder for patients and carers looking for adequate primary care services and/or care aids; the DigiH Care Referrer, a cloud-based search engine for referrers, with timely follow-up; and DigiH+, a search engine integrated in the EHR of the referrer to realise a complete referral with only 4 mouse clicks.

What problems does DigiH solve?

Very often, the general practitioner or medical specialist still has to fill in a handwritten authorisation in order to realise a referral. These authorisations then can get lost, or left lying around, resulting in unnecessary postponement of the treatment. Or the patient does not end up with the right care provider. DigiH undermines those problems and realises the right care in the right place.

Who does DigiH help?

With DigiH, patients and carers can search for (specialised) paramedics, primary care providers and care (help) shops throughout the Netherlands. General practitioners and medical specialists can search and refer with DigiH, directly from their own EHR.

In addition, DigiH offers professional associations and quality networks the possibility to share the specialisations, accreditations and expulsions of members in real time.

How does DigiH improve healthcare?

DigiH makes care more effective by preventing referrals to first-line care providers who do not have the relevant expertise and providing timely follow-up to indicated treatment, saving healthcare and social costs.

What makes DigiH unique?

DigiH does not charge referrers. The primary care provider is charged only 50 euros per year, without registration costs. DigiH is also based on modern, cloud based technology, meaning that the number of simultaneous users is unlimited and there is no server overload possible.

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