ConsultAssistent offers a solution for important challenges in healthcare with advanced tools for digital auto-anamnesis, follow-up, screenings, PROMs, PREMs, decision support and smart data collection.

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About ConsultAssistent

ConsultAssistent is a Software as a Service (SaaS) intended to support healthcare professionals with more effective and efficient consultations. To do this, ConsultAssistent (automatically) asks patients about their medical and other health-related information before, during and after treatment.

ConsultAssistent summarizes this information and is able to generate specific notifications and actions for both the healthcare professional and patient, based on triggers such as configured rules and (validated) algorithms. In this way, ConsultAssistent gives doctors a more complete picture of their patients and can inform doctors about options for treatment, diagnosis and prevention.

With ConsultAssistent, patients answer questions about their symptoms, medical history and health situation in the comfort of their own home, prior to their appointment at the hospital. The question modules in ConsultAssistent are extensive and resemble the conversation between a doctor and patient.

The captured data are, in accordance with the GDPR, saved in a database which can be linked to other data sources such as treatment data and used for scientific research into improving healthcare. The ConsultAssistent data gives unique insights into patient-reported outcomes with context from the auto-anamnesis. Using this data, ConsultAssistent develops decision aids that support doctors and patients in making value-based decisions.

What problems does ConsultAssistent solve?

Doctors often do not have much information about their patients before they come in, so much of the consultation time is used for routine questions. With the help of ConsultAssistent, consultations are more efficient and effective because patients and doctors are better prepared, have a more complete and clearer picture of the patient's health situation and can get to the point more quickly.

The information patients enter in ConsultAssistent can be used to inform doctors about options for treatment, diagnosis and prevention, and can be used for triage and screening purposes.

The captured data is unique and collected in such a way that researchers can optimally use it to learn from and build predictive algorithms for (clinical) decision making, such as predicting possible diagnoses and optimal treatment options.

In addition, ConsultAssistent lowers the administrative burden for healthcare professionals by fully automatically inviting and reminding patients and generating clinical reports that can be used during the consultation and for reporting in the patient's EMR.

Who does ConsultAssistent help?

It helps patients of all age groups who have appointments at hospitals or clinics and all healthcare professionals who work at outpatient departments of these hospitals or clinics. Currently, ConsultAssistent is available in Dutch and English.

How does ConsultAssistent improve healthcare?

Auto-anamnesis with personalized follow-up and PROMs ensure a more effective and efficient consultation. With the help of ConsultAssistent, patients and doctors are better prepared and have better insight into (the course of) the symptoms and health of the patient.

The captured data can be used for scientific research and (developing) decision aids for better diagnostics, treatment and care logistics, whether or not based on artificial intelligence. ConsultAssistent provides better insight into the patient population and has the potential to make a significant contribution to increase productivity, achieve savings targets, and increase triage possibilities for e.g. reduction of outpatient appointments.

What makes ConsultAssistent unique?

What makes ConsultAssistent unique is its ability to provide a complete, intelligent and patient friendly auto-anamnesis that simulates the conversation between doctors and their patients during consultation.

ConsultAssistent uses thousands of unique anamnesis and follow-up questions and adaptive decision trees to provide the patient with personalized and relevant questions about the patient's symptoms, situation, needs, medical history and/or a family anamnesis. Moreover, Consult Assistant can trigger notifications, information and actions based on configured rules and algorithms.

Their question modules and the data that is captured are unique and provide tremendous insights in the context of the patient.

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