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Code CortexDecoder

Fast, accurate, and reliable barcode reading technology into various healthcare processes.

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Code CortexDecoder

Industry-leading Accuracy

Read rates that are up to 6x faster than average – even when barcodes are damaged or distorted

Flexible & Secure Licensing

Code does not share any data with any outside source with the optional "office licensing", making it the most secure option available

Near Zero-miss Reliability

CortexDecoder reads even the most complex barcodes; secure, dependable, reliable, and with enterprise-grade performance

About Code Corporation

Code Corporation is part of the Brady Corporation (NYSE: BRC) owned companies. For more than 20 years, Code has been an industry pioneer for data capture innovation and has garnered more than 100 patents. Code designs and manufactures a complete line of barcode scanning hardware and software solutions. By crafting and continuing to perfect its unique decoding algorithms, Code and its line of image-based scanning and decoding technology consistently delivers high performance to companies worldwide. Code is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with offices in Boston and The Netherlands.

What does Code Corporation do?

CortexDecoder is Code's group of Software Scanning SDKs: Embedded, Mobile and Web. Each one of them is tailored to meet the unique needs of different use cases and environments, meaning anyone can implement the decoding software. CortexDecoder is found at the heart of all Code's hardware products, giving each the ability to decode 40+ barcode symbologies faster, and more accurately than anything else on the market. 

CortexDecoder Embedded (OEM) SDK is for device manufacturers looking to integrate an enterprise-grade barcode scanning functionality in their devices. The software is flexible and provides a solution for purpose-built barcode readers, scan engines, kiosks, mobile computers, or any other device with a camera. 

Code's Mobile SDK is built for barcode reading on any mobile device with an embedded camera. It features flawless scanning of demanding barcodes in the most challenging environments. With this level of performance, consumer-grade mobile devices are a genuine alternative to dedicated enterprise-grade barcode scanners. The Mobile SDK will allow you to build anything from a simple UPC scanner to an advanced scanning solution for manufacturing or warehousing. Integrations with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Xamarin are possible.

CortexDecoder WebSDK delivers consistent decoding excellence on browser-based applications, whether these are consumer apps, loyalty systems, or e-commerce applications. Web apps are a cost-effective way to put mobile-friendly content in the hands of many users while minimising the storage space on their device.

What problems does Code CortexDecoder solve?

The number one safety issue in the healthcare industry is the failure to properly administer medication to patients. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that more than 700,000 injuries and deaths occur each year partially because of this problem. 

Code makes a difference in quality patient care by integrating fast, accurate, and reliable barcode reading technology into various healthcare processes. When administering medication, matching drugs to patients via barcode improves patient safety, quality of care, and clinical productivity. 

Code CortexDecoder ensures reading omni-directionally and against all types of backgrounds, making coloured barcodes, reflection, or contrast issues no longer a problem. 

Today, point-of-care workflows are increasingly going mobile with integrated scanning as part of their electronic health records system. Code CortexDecoder was the first integrated soft-scanning solution to kick off this mobile revolution.

Who does Code CortexDecoder help?

Nurses, doctors, medical specialists, clinicians and other healthcare professionals.

How does Code CortexDecoder improve healthcare?

Healthcare belongs to the most vital industries to benefit from barcode reading technology and it has proven highly effective in reducing patient mortality rates. Researchers have long determined that its use can reduce medication administration error alone by up to 85 percent. 

Track, Trace And Verify Lab Samples 

When working with blood, lab cultures, or other specimens, mix-ups can be deadly. When tracking lab samples it is important that the samples are tracked through their entire journey. Code’s barcode reading tracking significantly reduces the chances of a potentially hazardous mixup.

Medical Supply Tracking

In a healthcare setting, there are countless medical supplies coming in and out every single day. Tracking that inventory is paramount to ensure that the supplies that are needed are always on hand. 


Mobile technology is advancing more and more every day. Nurses and clinicians are now finding it beneficial to use mobile devices on the job for charting, scanning, calls, peer-to-peer messaging, and other job functions. 

CortexDecoder™ turns iOS devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanners. CortexWedge™ App is a decoding keyboard application that will turn a mobile device into an enterprise-quality scanner without any additional integration.


Scanning barcodes on medications is a very involved process. It's crucial to utilise a scanner that can read every barcode thrown at it—on any surface. Drug barcodes can include multiple pieces of information like expiration dates, lot numbers, and the FDA-required National Drug Code (NDC). Code CortexDecoder reads all barcode symbologies (and can even read more than one at the same time). They easily fit into pharmacy workflows to scan medication at various stages of the preparation and dispensing processes.

What makes Code CortexDecoder unique?

  • Flexible & Secure Licensing - With the option to use either an “online” or “offline” license model, you can be sure your data is only where and when you want it, and seen by whomever you want.
  • Near zero-miss reliability - CortexDecoder reads even the most complex barcodes and offers the most advanced bundle of decoding algorithms in the industry. Torn, faded, or smudged barcodes, on reflective surfaces or in low light: simply put, we just read barcodes others can’t—quickly, accurately, and with enterprise-grade performance.
  • Industry-leading scan rates - Read rates that are up to 6x faster than average – even when barcodes are damaged or distorted
  • Flexible OS portability - A small footprint, optimised portability, and decades of experience make for easy integration to virtually any processing platform and operating system
  • Unrivalled professional support - Code Professional Services make SDK integration easy. Our engineers and experts work directly with your team for optimal results

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