Caro Health

Caro Health aims to improve patient outcomes and experience by delivering relevant content, conversational guidance, and actionable notifications throughout the patient journey.

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Year founded


Country of origin

The Netherlands

App category

Patient Journey, Remote Patient Monitoring, Remote Consultation & Communication

Active markets

The Netherlands, Belgium

Active customers

25,000 patients, 15+

About Caro Health

Caro enables the delivery of patient centered medical care while lowering the healthcare costs and improving the patient experience and outcomes. It is all in one solution for Remote patient monitoring, secure doctor-patient communication via messaging, photo sharing and video calls and personalized patient support via conversational interface and automated messaging.

Caro is a patient's digital companion that supports, informs, and reminds patients throughout their care journey. Our automated chatbot communicates with the patient, collects the patient's profile data, how the patient is responding to treatment, patient’s satisfaction with the treatment and more. This is used to optimize the process further, going away from generic towards personalized, patient centered care.

What problems does Caro Health solve?

Personalized and patient centric healthcare should not mean higher costs. Caro optimizes and automates communication between the healthcare provider and the patient. Thanks to Caro, the patient is well informed and prepared for the treatment, which results in better joint decision making, better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Who does Caro Health help?

Caro helps both healthcare professionals and the patients by automating repetitive tasks, structuring  and simplifying the bulk of information and facilitating insights and communication.  

How does Caro Health improve healthcare?

Caro Health is an app that enables the delivery of patient-centered care while lowering the healthcare costs and improving the patient experience and outcomes. It is all in one solution for:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Secure messaging, photo sharing and video calls
  • Personalized patient support via a conversational interface
  • Automated guidance and messaging

What makes Caro Health unique?

Patients love using Caro. They deliver an automated yet personalized experience that is fun to use. Caro is like a knowledgeable friend who supports the patient throughout their treatment. This generates a wealth of medical data that help healthcare providers improve the effectiveness of their treatments. With more use, Caro learns and becomes better and smarter over time.

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