Byteflies provides a platform that enables development of wearable health applications in B2B-services in order to acquire accurate and synchronized vital signs and digital biomarkers.

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About Byteflies

Byteflies is a medtech company focused on bringing healthcare closer to the patient. They develop telemonitoring applications that allow patients to be monitored continuously from the comfort of their own home. They strive for intermittent nondescript hospital spot checks to be a thing of the past. Instead, their applications and hardware are designed to give specialists an array of actionable data that comes from a more realistic environment than the hospital, as health data will better reflect reality when measured in a patient’s everyday life.

Byteflies offers clinicians three applications to work with:

  • EpiCare@Home for telemonitoring epilepsy patients
  • CardioCare@Home for stroke patients
  • CovidCare@Home for covid patients

Patients are set up with a wearable that they use in their daily life, while their physician receives information about either the cerebral or cardiac activity, or in the case of covid, about the general condition of the patient. Each application comes with a full end-to-end service: the complete setup with mobile app and/or manual to guide the patient during the measuring period, and a dashboard with incoming pre-annotated health data for the treating specialist, which can be used to make evidence-based clinical decisions.

What problems does Byteflies solve?

We are used to a healthcare system that is centralized in a hospital, constrained to the location of medical equipment. Chronically ill patients come to the hospital or medical practice for a momentary examination. The brief spot check of vital signs that follows is often only complemented by a verbal anamnesis that merely provides subjective information about the patient’s condition. The full, objective picture of how the disease is progressing in the home environment is often lacking, and physicians have to do guesswork to optimize a treatment.

With the momentum of the covid pandemic, Byteflies aims to shift healthcare to a more decentralized system, in which patients can be monitored continuously. When a patient’s vital signs are being recorded on a more permanent basis, physicians dispose of a much more complete set of data and are able to adapt the treatment in a targeted, patient-specific manner. More so, they can even consult telemonitoring data from the days after a consultation, and remotely assess the effect of a change in treatment immediately.

Who does Byteflies help?

As many physicians as possible prescribe our telemonitoring service to epilepsy, cardiac stroke and covid patients. We are working hard to expand our range of applications and to apply telemonitoring to (other) chronic conditions and diseases. 2020 has fundamentally accelerated the digitisation of healthcare; telemonitoring is on the rise and e-health will continue to gain a place in society. We aim to give various chronically ill people (such as cancer patients and people with sleep disorders) the perspective of a better quality of life at home.

How does Byteflies improve healthcare?

By monitoring patients remotely, our applications relieve the work pressure on medical staff and help free up beds for other patients in need of acute care. Medical costs are reduced, as underlying problems can be diagnosed quickly and in an early stage when there’s a substantial pre-analysed track record of vital signs available. In comparison to a more traditional intramural care path, physicians are more confident in the treatment they prescribe, as they can base it on objective, long-term, comprehensive data. Simultaneously, patients are empowered as they feel more involved and up-to-date when it comes to their disease evolution. They feel more at ease knowing that a physician can retrieve health records from any moment in time.

What makes Byteflies unique?

Byteflies' main wearable, the Sensor Dot, is a device that combines like no other the acquisition and processing of different physiological and behavioral signals. The multimodality, in combination with the flexibility of the setup is something that has not been done before in the medical field. Different datasets can be acquired, all based on the individual needs of the patient, instead of a one-size-fits-all model.

At Byteflies, one small, unobtrusive Sensor Dot equals endless possibilities. Great for patients, but even better for their treating physician, as an integrated dashboard with an overview of the pre-analysed data, A.I. observed trends, and visualizations offer great added value.

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