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Buddy Healthcare's mobile app allows patients to navigate their care pathways and access critical care related information at all times.

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About Buddy Healthcare

Buddy Healthcare is a European-based digital health company automating hospitals' care coordination and patient communication processes. The company's mission is to help implement the best possible digital care pathways and form an effortless communication link between home and hospital. Their purpose is to empower healthcare providers to improve patient care today and tomorrow.

Buddy Healthcare’s platform and mobile app automate patient communication and health data collection. It educates and reminds patients about upcoming tasks or appointments automatically and the patient is always aware of the next steps that need to be taken or which tasks need to be completed.

The patient-facing mobile app has an easy-to-use timeline that provides and delivers patients with all information related to their care as well as:

  • Information on the operation or appointment
  • Administrative forms such as electronic pre-assessment form
  • Procedure or appointment checklist
  • Educational videos or photos
  • When to take/stop the medication
  • Wound care information
  • Prehabilitation or rehabilitation exercises
  • Pain scale or other VAS measurements
  • In-app questionnaires (PROMs, PREMs, QoL)
  • Secure messaging between patients and care teams

What problems does Buddy Healthcare solve?

Buddy Healthcare’s care coordination platform reduces administrative burden by automating hospitals’ care coordination processes. The care teams can easily monitor patients’ pre- and postoperative compliance through the clinical dashboard.

With the patient-generated medical data, care teams can prioritize patients and identify potential early signs of Did Not Attends (DNAs) / no-shows or cancellations before surgery. The platform also optimizes waiting list management, supports hospitals in keeping patients updated on timescales, and ensures that patients are fit for surgery through automated prehabilitation education and condition check questionnaires.

Who does Buddy Healthcare help?

Buddy Healthcare is recognised as the global technology healthcare partner of choice, enabling care providers to deliver outstanding care and experience for their patients while increasing their hospital efficiency.

Buddy Healthcare helps hospitals and healthcare organizations digitize and automate operative, internal medicine, chronic care and psychiatric care pathways.

The platform automates patients’ guidance and education through a mobile app while collecting patient-generated health data through digitized forms and questionnaires.

The platform gathers the medical data and visualizes it for the care team members and hospital management through the clinical dashboard.

How does Buddy Healthcare improve healthcare?

Their purpose is to empower healthcare providers to improve patient care today and tomorrow. Buddy Healthcare’s mobile app helps patients prepare for their procedures and appointments and ensures higher patient compliance and engagement. Automated digital patient guidance ensures that patients are better informed, and will be at the right place, at the right time properly prepared.

What makes Buddy Healthcare unique?

Buddy Healthcare’s solution is more than just an app for digital patient education and guidance. The all-in-one care coordination and pathway management platform collects and visualizes data for the care team and covers all relevant care pathway digitalisation components from early-stage diagnosis/referral to end of therapy/recovery. Thus it reduces the need to use several vendors to automate or digitalise perioperative care pathways.

Their white label app enhances the care provider’s brand. The mobile app and care pathways will be customized based on the healthcare provider’s needs, preferences, and brand.

Lastly, Buddy Healthcare’s platform is scalable and offers lean and consistent care pathways for the entire hospital – currently covering 25 different medical specialties and more than 270 different care pathway templates.

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