The Bingli app allows patients to fill out pertinent information before their appointment for more accurate and efficient treatment.

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About Bingli

Bingli asks smart anamnestic and medical questions prior to the in-person consultation so doctors are better prepared and appointments are more time efficient. The app collects personal medical data, gauges complaints and symptoms, asks relevant questions and transmits this information to the doctor.

​​Depending on the reason for the visit, the app can ask between 60 and 100% of the medical questions in advance. Bingli can also follow-up with patients after the initial consultation.

What problems does Bingli solve?

Bingli improves the patient experience with their multilingual, user friendly platform. Because the medical questions are asked prior to the in-person consultation, leading to a better triage, both the patient and the healthcare provider are better prepared which reduces the over- and misuse of doctor visits.

In addition, the Bingli app saves doctors around 30% of time per consultation. This frees up time to listen, be more empathic, and give information or answer questions. Because the answers to the questions are already stored digitally, doctors and nurses have to spend less time on administration and it supports doctors in their clinical decision-making.

Who does Bingli help?

Bingli is currently being used in 20 hospitals. Because the app increases the efficiency of the in-person consultations and frees up time, the app is helping both the healthcare provider and their patients.

How does Bingli improve healthcare?

To enable doctors to give their patients the best possible care, it is important that the consultations are efficient and there’s no time wasted on unnecessary administrative tasks or in-person visits. Bingli supports this saving of time by taking over the questionnaires that would normally be asked and processed during the consultation.

What makes Bingli unique?

What makes Bingli unique is that it not only sends out and follows up questionnaires, but it also supports doctors in their decision making with a diagnostic accuracy of 90%.

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