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With the BeterDichtbij app you have easy and safe contact with your own doctor or other healthcare provider.

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Easy and safe contact

Patients and healthcare providers can easily send each other messages, photos and exchange information on the safe platform.


For quick and easy questions about the patients condition, the healthcare provider can videocall the patient. This eliminates unecessary physical visits.

By and for the healthcare sector

Because BeterDichtbij stems from a collaboration between healthcare providers, the app is tailored to the healthcare providers needs.


Founda Health is on a mission to improve healthcare through better interoperability. One of the ways we do that is by partnering with innovative healthcare applications, opening up the application ecosystem.

Every week we put one app in the spotlight. This week we highlight the telehealth app BeterDichtbij. With BeterDichtbij you have easy and safe contact with your own doctor or other healthcare provider.

About BeterDichtbij

Together we make healthcare easier for everyone, that is the mission of BeterDichtbij. BeterDichtbij is a digital service that enables simple and safe contact between care providers and their patients. As an initiative by and for the healthcare sector, hospitals, GP practices and other healthcare organisations throughout the Netherlands use BeterDichtbij.

With BeterDichtbij, healthcare providers and patients can easily send each other messages, take a photo and exchange information. If they need to see each other briefly, the doctor or other care provider can also make video calls to the patient via BeterDichtbij. This makes life easier for both healthcare providers and patients; they can contact each other whenever it suits them. For the patient via the BeterDichtbij app on the phone or tablet or via the computer, and for the healthcare provider via the computer linked to their own systems.

What problems does BeterDichtbij solve?

With BeterDichtbij the communication between healthcare providers and patients becomes easier. They are in contact when it suits them and they no longer miss each other's messages, which happens a lot when communication goes by a phone call.

In addition, doctors and other healthcare providers can keep up to date with their patients' status and approach them proactively, e.g., for reassurance before a treatment, for aftercare or for prevention.

Because the communication between the patient and the healthcare provider is digital, the care can easily be received from home. As a result, some physical visits to the doctor are no longer necessary because the question has already been discussed via BeterDichtbij.

Who does BeterDichtbij help?

BeterDichtbij is currently being used at almost 40 hospitals, several GP practices and other healthcare organisations in the Netherlands. The service is often used by all departments/clinics. Initial questions are often dealt with by policlinical staff and, if necessary, referred to the doctor or nurse. People in all age groups and regardless of their clinical condition use BeterDichtbij.

How does BeterDichtbij improve healthcare?

In healthcare, a good relationship between doctors/care providers and their patients is crucial. BeterDichtbij makes communication easier and is based on the power of the relationship.

What makes BeterDichtbij unique?

What is unique about BeterDichtbij is that it is an initiative by and for the healthcare sector itself. Hospitals have joined forces to develop a digital service that enables contact with their own doctor or other care provider. This makes BeterDichtbij a strong Dutch initiative that makes contact easy, and an alternative for players from outside the Netherlands and/or the sector itself.

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