Quli is an independent digital platform and EPR for cooperating care organizations and people in or with a personal and social network.

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The Netherlands


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The Netherlands

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About Quli

Quli facilitates persons in their lives, health and healthcare. Quli thereby contributes towards a value-based patient centered healthcare system. Quli is a two-sided platform. Both individuals and professionals use Quli to exchange data and information, or Quli is connected to healthcare systems used by professionals. Quli connects to apps, ehealth and EPR-systems used by healthcare organizations.

What problems does Quli solve?

Quli improves Dutch citizens' current 'status quo' customer value proposition. The Quli platform solution addresses both the access- and time barriers that citizens face when managing their health journeys. Specifically, Quli provides citizens lifelong access to their healthcare data and. citizens' access to medical services. In addition, Quli reduces the time that citizens may spend searching the dispersed system of various patient portals to collect their medical data, and the home monitoring using wearables and digital apps improves time effective health management.

Who does Quli help?

Dutch patients in their contacts with caregivers, social network and professionals.

How does Quli improve healthcare?

Quli contributes towards a value-based patient centered healthcare system, shared decision making, better informed patients and more efficient processes.

What makes Quli unique?

Quli is an easy to use system, proven effective for a lot of people and processes.

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