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Medicus AI helps people understand their health by explaining their medical reports and health data to them in a personalized, easy-to-understand, and visual way.

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Medicus AI

AI powered

Utilise the power of AI to better process diagnostic lab test reports


Provide patients with clear and easily understood diagnostic reports, allowing them better control over their own health

Empower Labs’s white-labeled and customisable solution allows diagnostic labs to innovate data visualization, patient communication, and remote monitoring tools

About is an innovative technology company that supports healthcare providers by offering an AI-powered experience that takes their businesses to the next level and provides their patients with personalised access to better understand and manage their health.’s Smart Reports application processes diagnostic lab test reports, and translates health-relevant patient input into easily understood biomarker readings, health tips and other insights based on a medical reasoning engine. Smart Reports puts the power into every patient’s hands, allowing them to access and own their health data.

What problems does solve?

 Today's diagnostic reports are stuck in the past: they are often unclear and cryptic. This creates more confusion, instead of providing more information about the patients' health. The Smart Reports app makes the diagnostic reports more comprehensible by translating the input into easy biomarker readings. Thus making the reports easier to use and saving the doctors time in deciphering a report.

Who does help? works with diagnostic labs to create white-labeled and customized solutions that augment the role of biologists and labs through innovative data visualization, patient communication, and remote monitoring tools, allowing labs to increase satisfaction, retention, and growth through a modern and seamless experience.

What makes unique?

Smart Reports has a worldwide focus, it uses AI to interpret data from a variety of sources, such as regional reference ranges, unit corrections, etc. It also displays the information for each value and explains the results based on the output of the AI ​​engine and links the medical data with the lifestyle data to provide tips, advice, and possible next steps.

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