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Healee is a holistic telehealth solution enabling personalized care delivery, improving health outcomes for patients and driving growth for healthcare organizations.

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Secure Communication

highly secure communication between patient, healthcare provider and healthcare facility

Comprehensive and Easy

Integral platform containing multiple digital solutions with easy integration and onboarding

Custom Workflows

Customise internal workflows in order to personalise care for each individual patient

About Healee

Healee is a customisable and comprehensive telehealth platform with powerful workflow capabilities and a focus on interoperability. Healee provides customers with a ready-made alternative to creating or trying to piece together their own solution – it can be used as a platform or as a flexible white-label replica with custom workflows.

Healee is a comprehensive virtual care platform that enables continuity across the care spectrum. Healee’s feature set allows providers to serve more patients faster, drive down administrative burden and increase revenue. The Healee telehealth solution offers highly secure communication between patient, healthcare provider and facility on any device: telehealth across multiple modalities, videoconferencing, AI, digital check-ins and triage, easy access to patient data (RPM), appointment scheduling and billing, workflow automation (notifications, payments, custom medical forms and many more).
To further strengthen the platform’s versatility and customization capabilities, Healee is working on a unique concept that allows providers to arrange the very building blocks of care delivery and digitalize the care pathways - digital health protocols.

Their team of developers has extensive experience in healthcare integrations and the platform continuously integrates with the most widely used third-party EMR & EHR’s, allowing better efficiency, convenience and streamlined experience for customers.

All data is end-to-end encrypted and the platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
Healee develops and integrates custom workflows in its white label solutions, as well as custom medical forms in its core functionality. Additionally, with digital health protocols, providers can design and construct their own therapeutic and patient monitoring algorithms through a user-friendly interface.

What problems does Healee solve?

Healee helps with the adoption and utilization of digital health tools by providing solutions for interoperability and security concerns. In addition, the solution is complementary to the current workflow of the clinician.

Who does Healee help?

Designed for practices of all sizes, Healee serves physician groups, clinics, hospital networks, health systems, insurers, companies, health startups and other HCO's.

How does Healee improve healthcare?

With its comprehensiveness and flexibility, Healee reduces the number of necessary digital solutions and integrations, thus reducing digital and administrative burden for providers and organizations. Onboarding is smooth and easy, with the Healee team guiding customers every step of the way, so they could get up to speed with the complete feature set of the solution.
Additionally, by enabling personalized care delivery through its custom workflows incorporation and digital health protocols, Healee drives growth for HCOs and improves health outcomes for patients. It is an accessible, easy-to-use telehealth solution for providers and patients that works on any device.

What makes Healee unique?

Healee is unique thanks to various elements. The Healee platform’s depth of customization, which allows for integrating workflows of the specific HCO into highly scalable environments. Healee is highly comprehensive, including both synchronous and asynchronous telehealth across multiple modalities, appointment scheduling, AI, RPM, medical forms and payments. Healee allows for rapid speed of setup and time to market. They are also able to develop integrations with existing EHRs/EMRs, such as AthenaHealth. Finally it’s digital health protocols.

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