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DOCYET's digital care solutions support doctors with the anamnesis through an automated chat for the patients and provides an initial medical assessment.

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Time saving

Patients fill in their own health data prior to the consultation instead of doing the anamnesis during the visit.

Supports decision making

An initial assessment of the symptoms help the healthcare provider in the decision making regarding the diagnostics and further treatment.

Reduces errors

The collected data is securely transferred to the healthcare provider, leaving less room for human mistakes compared to manually transferring the data.


DOCYET enables health care providers and insurances to create a digital point of care, improving the patient experience and helping to deliver local, telemedicine and digital healthcare services more effectively. The B2B2C-platform features an AI-powered bot for patients that can easily be integrated into existing customer channels (patient portal/ app/ website) and provides individual patient advice in a variety of use cases. 

Anamnesis+ is DOCYET’s digital healthcare assistant that supports patients in recording their individual health data on their mobile device before medical consultation. A summary of structured information as well as an initial assessment of the symptoms is then securely transferred to the health care professional in order to ease the necessary decisions regarding further diagnostics and treatment.

What problems does DOCYET solve?

DOCYET collects the patients’ health data prior to the consultation and then summarises and assesses the symptoms. This saves the doctor a lot of time that he usually has to spend on a verbal anamnesis and offers extra support in the diagnosis.

In addition the transfer of the data from DOCYET to the healthcare provider eliminates the manual actions that come with transferring and collecting data, thus reducing the chances of possible human errors.

Who does DOCYET help?

DOCYET can be used by healthcare providers, patients, pharmacies, telemedicine providers and other healthcare portals.

How does DOCYET improve healthcare?

Anamnesis+ digitises the admission process of patients and captures all important data to provide direct and immediate access for involved health care professionals. This does not only relieve the treating medical professionals, but also guides patients right from the beginning of their healthcare journey.

What makes DOCYET unique?

As an interactive and intelligent medical product, Anamnesis+ is based on established medical standards and scientific guidelines. The value for medical professionals lies in the possibility to easily customise the dynamic enquiry according to their specific medical field and receive a KI-based preliminary medical assessment of the patients' symptoms.

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