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For Systems

Offer an integrated eHealth Marketplace to your customers

Serve your customers demand for innovation and collaboration with a platform that is interoperable and meets the local requirements.

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Founda Health Solutions Systems

Benefits of using Founda


Reduce administrative burden of your customers

With Founda you can automate the extraction and writing back of information, thus saving your customers valuable time.


We build and maintain connections

Reduce your integration burden by letting Founda Health build and maintain the necessary connections


Solve localisation challenges in new and existing regions

Tackle the challenges that come with entering new markets. With Founda Health you get access to local functionalities.


Extend the functionality of your EHR by adding applications

External applications can complement your EHR. With more than 40 available apps, you can integrate and position them as extensions.


Solve standardisation and interoperability challenges

Overcome the integration hassle with different standards and coding languages with our uniform data layer and API.


Increase the success rate of your RFPs

By integrating with the Founda Health platform, your system has access to the whole package to make it accessible to the world.

Connect to our easy-to-use API

We deliver the technological foundation and building blocks to connect healthcare data and applications in realtime.

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Founda Health Systems API

Become part of the Founda Ecosystem.

Join Us. to enable collaboration and innovation in healthcare. More than 40 innovative healthcare applications partnered up with Founda Health already.

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"By embracing platform thinking, Founda Health fits perfectly into the vision of Cerner to accelerate interoperability within the healthcare industry"

Richard Francken - Lead Business Developer at Cerner

Start integrating with Founda Health today. Send us a message.

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