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Integrate once, connect everywhere.

The future of healthcare lies in digital transformation. But integrating your application with healthcare providers and systems can be quite the challenge and is often very time consuming.

We help you tackle those challenges and enable you to scale quickly and grow globally. Our Partnerships with EHR vendors speeds up the process of ‘the last mile integration’ within the hospitals. You only have to integrate via our platform once to connect everywhere.


Promotion and Distribution

Become part of our ecosystem and we take care of the promotion and distribution of your application to all hospitals and EHR systems.


Single and Reusable integration

You only need to integrate once via FHIR in our platform, and we translate to every language through our unified API.


Quick and scalable

Our partnerships with EHR vendors speed up the process of the integration within hospitals, allowing your application to scale quickly and grow globally.


How we do things

Easy-to-use API. Not all APIs are created equal. Our documentation encourages developers to use it and makes the integration with the Founda platform quick and efficient.  Documentation >

Security & Compliance. We enable care workers to share information where and when they need to without any compromise to the safety, security and confidentiality of patient’s sensitive data. Security at Founda >

Become part of the Founda Ecosystem.

Join Us. to enable collaboration and innovation in healthcare. More than 40 innovative healthcare applications partnered up with Founda Health already.
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“Founda acts as a real partner, not just as a tech startup. I’m amazed by how quick their development team builds and responds to requests.”
Ramona Bruins - Project Lead at Treant Zorggroep

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