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Our Manifest
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Nov 11, 2021

Our Manifest

Founda. Time to care.

We are Founda. Started in 2019 as a platform in healthcare. Since that time we have been building a solid foundation passionately. A foundation that connects health institutions. Our goal is to enable healthcare to collaborate and to free-up time and space for care workers so they can focus all their energy on what they are best at. To do what we need them for. For caring. For you. It is time for change. It is time to care.

We want to show the world that things can change. We do not shy away from confrontation. It can be better, faster and with more efficiency. Armed with a rock solid platform we are on a mission to solve the interoperability challenges in healthcare. But we can not do this alone. We need all players in the healthcare industry to join us on this adventure. From interference and slow information to collaboration and interoperability. From tenacity and wasting time to velocity and innovation. We have human lives to save and therefore we need to join forces. Collaborate, connect, innovate. How is it possible that people are dying because IT systems in health institutions are not communicating with each other? How can the life of a child depend on data exchange between IT systems? Change is indispensable. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now.  

We are fighting for innovation and transparency in healthcare with our heart and soul. We are building our uniform platform with reusable integrations in IT systems of every size and in every language all by ourselves. From zero to one hundred in sixth gear. Acting quickly is essential. Commitment is the key to success. Building strong IT is our way, saving healthcare time and money the goal. With a single connection the Founda infrastructure enables data to be shared in an efficient way. In this way Founda makes it simple to connect innovations with health institutions.

Safety is everything. Privacy is our thing. Only the highest safety standards are good enough. With roots in the payment industry we have built a foolproof platform. A transaction of patient records is even safer than a credit card transaction. We give care workers the possibility to share information with whoever they need, whenever they need and in the safest possible way.

Founda makes sure that technology is no longer a burden, but a solution. It is time for collaboration and innovation in healthcare. It is time for Founda. It is time to care.

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