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Founda Health acquires four key certificates
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Nov 11, 2021

Founda Health acquires four key certificates

Founda Health acquires four key certificates, proving commitment to healthcare security

We are happy to announce that Founda Health has achieved important compliance milestones to provide our partners with the confidence and assurance that their highly sensitive data can be entrusted to our systems.

ISO 27001 Certification

Widely recognized and accepted internationally, this certification is the information security standard that specifies security management best practices and comprehensive security controls, following ISO 27002’s best practices guidance.

ISO 27017 Certification

A Standard providing additional guidance and implementation for information security in cloud computing.

ISO 27018 Certification

Commonly accepted control objectives and measure implementation guidelines designed to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within the public cloud computing environment.

NEN 7510 Certification

The Dutch standard on security controls for healthcare and health information which builds upon ISO 27001.

These certifications apply to the full breadth of operations of the Founda Health Platform, which consists of the Founda Health Gateway and Founda Health Console.

“Multiple decades of experience in the healthcare and financial technology industries allowed us to build a platform in which security takes center stage. The embedding of processes and measures as prescribed in the standards came like second nature to many of us at Founda Health. Our policies and procedures do not just reside in a folder as a must-have or compliance checkbox, but are an integral part of our internal knowledge base and fundamental component of our onboarding and continuous training.”

— Aram Zegerius (Software Architect)

What does this change for us?

Being active in the Health Technology industry brings certain responsibilities, this includes the necessity to adhere to strict security standards akin to those found in the Fintech industry. Although these high security standards have been a crucial part of Founda Health’s DNA since  its inception, these certificates allow us to showcase and prove this dedication to the security of highly confidential data. In order to further bolster our own security we will also be implementing a responsible disclosure system. We also look forward to growing our security team, including looking for security engineers.

What does this mean for our partners?

In an increasingly digitised market, Healthcare organisations are understandably concerned about the security and safety of their patient’s data. A breach of this data can cause untold damage to the institution and the patient, forever severing the bond of trust between the two and jeopardising future growth for the organisation. With these certificates, Founda proves that data can be processed safely and securely through the Founda Health platform, without having to rely on the intricacies of legacy systems.

“With DNV’s certification of Founda Health for these standards, we have shown our partners and the healthcare industry at large, that we are ready and able to provide secure end-to-end connectivity. This thorough certification process that concluded in March, proves that Founda Health will spare no resource nor opportunity to ensure that we maintain a high standard of safety.”

— Wilco Schuttelaar (SVP Strategic Alliances)

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