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Andries Hamster joins Founda Health as Chief Product Officer
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Nov 11, 2021

Andries Hamster joins Founda Health as Chief Product Officer

Founda Health B.V., a healthtech integration company and the largest global eHealth appstore, enforces leadership with the appointment of Andries Hamster as Chief Product Officer (CPO). The addition of Andries Hamster is a big step forward to pushing healthcare to innovation.

A solid understanding of the market

Andries brings over two decades of senior industry experience. He co-founded Forcare, where he has been actively supporting healthcare organisations globally to exchange health information through open and standards-based interoperability solutions. After being acquired by Philips, Andries was responsible for the commercial integration and the transition to cloud.

Throughout his career he has been exposed to many interoperability standards and has actively been promoting IHE from the start. He has a solid understanding of the market and customer needs and is regularly invited to talk about the challenges associated with safe, secure and reliable health information exchanges.

Shaping the future of healthcare

Innovation in healthcare is hindered today due to the lack of access to clinical data and the complexity when sharing it. Founda removes this complexity through its fully standardized platform and makes data access and exchange easy, secure and beneficial for both provider and service organizations.

The elimination of this complexity is badly needed, according to Andries. “Founda brings an innovation to healthcare that is needed to respond to future challenges – as healthcare is no longer a single provider domain. Clinical data needs to be liberated and shared securely in scalable and cost efficient ways to deliver healthcare in new and innovative ways. Founda brings a new focus on standards-based interoperability through the expertise it brings from the FinTech industry that will change clinical data sharing from a cost into a benefit. I look forward to working with the Founda team and helping to shape the future of healthcare.”

Strategic direction

In his new role as CPO, Andries will be responsible for the product and development roadmap of the Founda Health Platform and for setting the strategic direction of Founda Health as part of the management team.

“With his years of experience and proven track record in the healthcare industry, Andries is an excellent addition to the management team. He will help in developing use cases on the Founda Health Platform that can be reused for applications, systems and hospitals around the globe. Next to that Andries is a very driven and enthusiastic sparring partner which fits perfectly with the culture we have at Founda.”

— Jan Joost Kalff, Chief Executive Officer

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