Business partners

​​Our platform solution facilitates data exchange, improves clinical outcomes with real-time data access, automates non-value based tasks for the care community, and powers data-driven, resource and cost-efficient outcomes.

If you’re a System Integrator, a Tech Consultancy business or simply looking to Drive Innovation in healthcare through software, Founda is the perfect partner to implement standards-based, interoperable solutions.

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Technology partners

Founda works closely with:
Independent Software Providers (ISVs)
Independent Hardware Providers (IHVs)
Marketplace e-health Applications

Collaborate to build critical, last-mile connectivity allowing you to focus on delivering innovation to healthcare, and leaving the complex task of integration to us.

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All Founda platform solutions are reusable and

can be integrated directly or as a value-add

to an existing solutions pack.


Improve time-to-value

Stay at the forefront of technology by shortening delivery periods, expanding present solution-scope and delivering value to healthcare systems in the shortest possible time


Built on prevailing FHIR standards, all data is OAuth 2.0 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified for secure access, management and transmission.

Expand Automation

Let your product teams focus on innovation and differentiated experiences, expand beyond RPAs, giving you the upper hand over competitors.

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