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Comarch Healthcare

Comarch Healthcare provides a wide variety of healthcare solutions including, among other things, IT systems for hospitals, software products for radiology and medical record management in medical institutions, cities, and regions.

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Comarch Healthcare

Remote Monitoring

Receive and process patient data, allowing for the early detection of issues and better control over care pathways

Empower Data

With the help of AI deployment, analyse and utilise large amounts of data


Comarch’s strong teams of developers provide an open solution able to adapt to any specific needs of customers

About Comarch

Comarch is a provider of innovative IT products for multiple industries, including telecommunications, banking, healthcare airlines, petrol stations, utilities. It was founded in 1993 and to date, it has more than 6500 employees with 10,000 customers in 100 countries.

The Comarch e-Care platform was designed for remote medical care. The solution receives and processes data from measuring devices controlling specific medial parameters, and allows the patients to contact their physicians remotely. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is deployed to analyze a large amount of information, and to indicate correlations and abnormalities.

Which problems does Comarch solve?

Comarch e-Care answers several challenges faced by healthcare systems. The necessity to develop home care in order to decrease health-related costs, relieve medical staff burdens, increase ease of access to medical facilities and improve patients’ comfort and safety in the context of a pandemic. The need to better control chronic disease (e.g. adherence, vitals monitoring) by enhancing continuity of care. Lastly, the need to unlock access to medical data by digitizing systems.

Who does Comarch help?

The Comarch e-Care platform provides patients with new ways to access healthcare, while supporting healthcare providers in monitoring patients and analyzing their medical data.  

How does Comarch improve healthcare?

Thanks to early diagnostics and remote monitoring of the person under remote care, the Comarch e-Care Platform enables early detection of threats to a patient’s life or health. It also supports healthcare providers by allowing better continuity of care, while providing them a smart overview of health-related data. Finally, it improves patient comfort by reducing visits and stays at the hospital by unlocking remote care.

What makes Comarch unique?

The Comarch e-Care Platform is not only an IT product, but first and foremost a certified telemedicine solution that meets all strict requirements and standards for medical devices. In addition to this, the Comarch entity can rely on its strong teams of developers to provide an open solution able to adapt to any specific needs of customers depending on the use case and the therapeutic area. 

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Comarch Healthcare

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