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The CareSharing platform collaboration between healthcare professionals, patients and other care givers. A safe way to share medical data, monitor remotely and communicate in healthcare.

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Multidisciplinary health records (boards)

Healthcare professionals, patients and informal caregivers can easily share medical data in a board, relevant for the specific care context.


For questions and coordination purposes, everyone involved can easily communicate via chat and videocalls in the board.

Remote monitoring

Healthcare professionals can closely monitor patients by setting alerts when patients measure their vitals. In addition, cBoards also provides triage software for medical service centres staffed by either small or large numbers of professionals.

About Caresharing

Caresharing enables healthcare organizations and their professionals to use their full collaboration potential. Caresharing connects all parties active within the healthcare sector. To this end, Caresharing develops modern, future-proof highly interoperable collaboration software that increases the quality and efficiency of multidisciplinary care, stimulates patient participation and self-management and makes remote patient monitoring possible in an easy way. Caresharing firmly believes that the power of networked care has the potential to profoundly change healthcare, one that is more open and more patient oriented.

What problems does cBoards solve?

cBoards solves problems related to collaboration between healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers. With cBoards professionals can start a so-called ‘board’ (a theme-based multidisciplinary patient health record) and invite any relevant other professional or team of professionals. The relevant medical data, as well as the different communication possibilities in the board, result in a highly efficient collaboration and effective coordination of the healthcare delivery process. In addition, professionals can easily keep a close eye on patients in their home situation. Via hardware devices patients can measure their own vital signs, which become visible in the board and are therefore accessible to everyone in the board.

cBoards allows patients to be more involved in their health care process. By getting invited to a board, healthcare professionals and informal caregivers can stimulate patient participation and self-management. This can be done by letting them (automatically) register medical data, keep close contact via chat or videocalls and/or by providing them educational information around their disease or health situation. 

With cBoards, everyone is familiar with the current patient status, who’s involved in the process and what needs to be done.

How does cBoards improve healthcare?

cBoards makes it possible to deliver care in well-integrated national, regional or local networks of healthcare organizations and (teams of) professionals, while enhancing patient participation, enabling the healthcare system to function in an efficient and powerful way.

Who does cBoards help?

cBoards is used by all types of healthcare professionals from organizations within the cure, care and social domain: hospitals, nursing & care institutions, home care organizations, general practitioner clinics, pharmacies, mental health care institutions, paramedic clinics and municipalities. They use cBoards for their mutual cooperation and their collaboration with the patient and their caregivers. 

What makes cBoards unique?

Firstly, cBoards is a collaboration platform that combines multidisciplinary patient health records with communication tools like chat and video calling. Caresharing works on the principle that in order to provide good and efficient care in a multidisciplinary setting, it must be possible to share relevant medical data with each other. In addition, cBoards provides remote monitoring options. The unique part of cBoards in this field is that professionals working together (care, cure, social domain) can hand over this patient home monitoring responsibility to one another.

Secondly, cBoards is theme-based. This means that patient health records only contain medical data relevant for the particular type of collaboration.

Next, cBoards is a platform for all types of collaborations. The cBoards library contains approximately 35 different types of boards and is expanding rapidly. E.g. astma, COPD, COVID-19, diabetes, elderly care, heart failure, medication compliance, medication review, palliative care, stroke and wound care. 

Furthermore, cBoards is web based and has native mobile apps (iOS and Android) that have all features of the web based version, it is also highly flexible as the software is modelled/configured.

In addition cBoards has a Freemium pricing model that makes it easy and accessible for healthcare professionals, patients and informal caregivers to join.

Finally, cBoards is very user friendly, with a lot of attention having gone to UI/UX design.

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