It is time for Founda.

It is time to care.

Founda makes sure that technology is no longer a burden, but a solution. It is time for collaboration and innovation in healthcare.

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Our Story

We are Founda. Started in 2019 as a platform in healthcare. Since that time we have been building a solid foundation passionately. A foundation that connects healthcare providers, organisations, products and systems alltogether. Our goal is to enable  collaborate and innovation, to free-up time and space for care workers so they can focus all their energy on what they are best at.

We want to show the world that things can change. We do not shy away from confrontation. It can be better, faster and with more efficiency. Armed with a rock solid platform we are on a mission to solve the interoperability challenges in healthcare. But we can not do this alone. We need all players in the healthcare industry to join us on this adventure and move to an interoperable world.

We believe in

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Enabling innovation and collaboration

Hospitals should be able to use all of the recent technological innovations that will make the lives of both doctors and patients more enjoyable.

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Making data accessible and understandable

Having access to the data doctors need is one thing. Using and understanding it another. We believe you need both in order to increase the quality of care.

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Moving towards value-based care

We believe in improving patient relevant outcomes when it comes to care, and achieving similar or better results while reducing costs through better use of available resources.

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Healthcare that is fully interoperable

By leveraging our translation engine and connecting healthcare parties in the ecosystem, we ensure interoperability no matter which standard is used.

Our Milestones

December 2019

Our Founders Founded Founda Health in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


January 2020

Building the foundation of a platform that connects complex legacy systems with innovative applications


September 2020

Entering the Healthcare industry where there was an urgent need for an interoperability platform.


November 2020

First partnership with EHR NEXUS Nederland to open up the healthcare ecosystem and provide access to innovative eHealth applications.


February 2021

First investment round of $15M from a group of healthcare and fintech entrepreneurs.


April 2021

25+ applications confirmed in the application store that continues to grow every week


September 2021

A rebrand of Founda Health to demonstrate our unique offering and global ambitions in healthcare technology


Founda Health Today

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We are Pioneers.

Andries Hamster
Chief Product Officer
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Wilco Schuttelaar
SVP Strategic Alliances
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Mahmoud Elbeleidy
Sr. Controller
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Jan Joost Kalff
Chief Executive Officer
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Gabri Di Stefano
Chief Technology Officer
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Ankita Bhopatkar
Sr. Cloud Engineer
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Arturo Martínez Mínguez
Software Engineer
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Adrien Gassama
Product Manager
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Thomas van Til
VP of Marketing
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Omar Alqady
Software Engineer
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Laura Beukers
Content Marketer
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Aram Zegerius
Software Architect
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